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Lottery Winners With Inspiring Stories

Lottery Winners With Inspiring Stories
Photo by dylan nolte on Unsplash

Lottery Winners With Inspiring Stories

You must have heard stories about those who have won huge amounts in lotteries but ended up squandering their fortunes within a few months or years. While some do not know how to handle such a windfall, many lottery winners have made a positive difference, not only in their lives but also in the lives of others. These are the stories I like to read about; Lottery Winners With Inspiring Stories

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Lottery Winners With Inspiring Stories
Photo by dylan nolte on Unsplash

Here are four inspiring stories of lottery winners 

1. Pearlie Mae Smith

Pearlie Mae Smith was philanthropic before she won the lottery. While raising her seven children, she taught them the values of giving back to the community. She would send them to work in community gardens and volunteer in making soup in the kitchen. Pearlie’s family took part in a lottery and won a whopping $429 million Powerball jackpot; it was like the family already knew what they had to do with the money.

They wanted to do more for the community. Even though the cash was split equally among the eight members of the family, some of them continued doing their jobs. For instance, one daughter stayed with the work of mentoring her fellow women, and her work was boosted because she now had the cash to fund her support program.

The family also agreed to form a Smith Family Foundation whose aim was to fund grassroots organizations striving to improve the livelihood of the less fortunate people in Trenton, NJ, their hometown. The priorities of the foundation include Christian education, neighborhood development, general education, and support for families and youth in the Trenton area. 

2. Tom Crist

Many people who win the lottery choose to buy new cars or homes, travel the world, and quit their jobs. That wasn’t the case with Tom Crist. After winning a lottery amounting to $40 million, he chose a different path. He donated the whole amount to help fight the disease that killed his wife, Jan. Crist had lost his wife to cancer years earlier.

Crist and Jan had been married for 44 years before Jan succumbed to cancer. Crist had retired and had some money saved in his account. He also had adult children who were not badly off. So he let the whole amount he won go to a charity dealing with cancer in Calgary, Canada. His children supported that idea 100%.

3. Neal Wanless

Image by Mary Pahlke from Pixabay

In 2009, things were not working in favor of Neal Wanless. This 23-year-old cowboy could not even pay his property taxes. He couldn’t make simple repairs in his ranch and watched as everything crumbled around him. He could spare some time to sell scrap metal to make ends meet. In fact, in Todd County, South Dakota, where he lived, he was among the ‘ poorest ranchers.

One day while on a feed run to Winner, a local town nearby, he decided to spend his hard-earned money on a lottery ticket. He used $5 on a Powerball ticket, played five games, and selected numbers based on his family members’ birth dates. It was like a dream come true.

When the numbers came up, he was the lucky jackpot winner. After taxes, Wanless walked away with $88.5 million. He never stopped working on the ranch. He used part of the money to uplift others in his community.

4. Les Robins

Les Robins, a teacher by profession, never felt happy to imagine that today’s children don’t enjoy the activities he enjoyed while still a kid; exploring the outdoors, playing sports, swimming, and camping. So when he won the Powerball jackpot to the tune of $111 million, he decided to create a kids’ camp and named it Winnegator. He bought the land (226 acres) on which he operates the camp.

The camp has operated for more than ten years. Its provided kids with an affordable place to visit in summer and participate in activities such as playing on the lake, swimming, rafting, and horseback riding. Its greatest advantage is that it disconnected children from cell phones and video games to be physically fit and get in touch with friends and nature.


Many lottery winners have done very positive things with their winnings, both for their families and for the communities within which they live. Winning a jackpot isn’t a curse, as some people may want you to believe.

You can remain anonymous after winning and let your lawyer or financial advisor take care of the cash on your behalf. But the bottom line is when you win a jackpot, try to, at least, uplift the lives of others.