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Living Like a Scottish Gentleman in Edinburgh


Scotland, the bonny land of whisky, golf and kilts, with its elegant capital Edinburgh standing out as a symbol of suave and stylish living, is increasingly on the travel radar for globetrotters of all stripes. Whether you’re planning on using Edinburgh as a base to explore the rugged and untamed Scottish Highlands or would prefer to soak up some dapper cosmopolitan vibes in the city itself, it’s important to know what the locals are up to. Whether you’re in town for a brief weekend jaunt with the boys or planning on sticking around for a longer stretch of time, here are some of the absolute musts for those looking to live it up like a true Scottish gent.

Work on Those Golfing Skills


For any first-time visitor looking to do Scotland right, make sure your swing is up to scratch is pretty much mandatory, and Edinburgh is an ideal place to get started. Golf was first played way back in the 15th Century not too far away from the Scottish capital, meaning the country has since become the spiritual home of the sport, as well as boasting some of the best golf courses, clubs and training courses in the world. If you want to get to grips with golf in true traditional style, head to the historic Muirfield Club, home to the oldest golfing club in the world, The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers (est. 1744). Book in some training with the experts and tee off on one of the most beautiful courses around.

Know How to Party


It’s no secret that the Scots know how to have a good time, and any aspiring Scottish gent will need to know how to do so Edinburgh-style. Once you’ve warmed yourself up with some whiskey tasting at some of the city’s elegant and ancient distilleries, you’ll be ready to hit the town for the evening. Some of the welcoming and traditional pubs in the Old Town of Edinburgh date back to the middle ages, and they make a great base for some serious bar-crawling and sampling of the local brews. You’ll need to be aware of some of the big party nights of the year if you want to turn up like a local, one of the biggest being the infamous Burns’ Night in January which sees the festivity pour out onto the streets. Afterwards make sure to soak up the whiskey with local dessert spots so popular with the after hours crowd, including creamy cheesecake, toffee and apple sponge and Scottish tiffin cake.

Dress to Impress


Having the right street style in Edinburgh goes way beyond kilts and caps, and it’s important to be serving up your most dapper looks if you’re planning on keeping up with the local crowd. The de rigeur looks are well-matched three pieces, some sturdy leather shoes (preferably brogues), and maybe even some stylish headgear or a pocket watch to really pull the whole look together. Do as the residents do and head over to stalwart department store Harvey Nichols to browse the latest local styles, and don’t be afraid to ask some of the attentive and highly-trained employees to help you pick out a look.