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How to prevent clogged pipes

How to prevent clogged pipes
Photo by pan xiaozhen on Unsplash

How to prevent clogged pipes

Are clogged drains, sinks, and bathtubs part of the running movie that gets played over and over in your home? Living with clogged pipes has become the new normal in your family’s life? You should be aware that there is no need for you and your loved ones to live like that. You should all have peace of mind knowing that the plumbing in your house functions properly and with no looming clogs just around every corner. Also, you will be able to avoid expensive service calls. Let dig deeper and learn how to prevent clogged pipes.

How to prevent clogged pipes
Photo by pan xiaozhen on Unsplash

Is there anything you and your loved ones can do in order to prevent clogged pipes? Read on to find out some specific actions everyone can take to put an end to this annoying problem.

Kitchen sink

Do you tend to dump every leftover into the kitchen sink? Do you dispose of your coffee grounds down the sink? How about all the grease that is left over after everyone has finished eating? If the answer is yes or mostly yes. Change those habits. Tell everyone that the kitchen sink will no longer be used as a trash can. Buy a new trash can if necessary and place it in a convenient place by the sink. Everything that is not water should be dumped there. You can dispose of grease by letting it cool in a disposable container and either throw it in the garbage once it cools or, better yet, take it to a recycling center.

Bathroom sinks and bathtubs

The culprits, in this case, are two things: soap scum and hair. Cover your drains with a mesh screen or a hair catcher. These will collect most hair while letting the water to pass through. Make it a family custom that any hair that accumulates there and is visible should immediately be picked up and thrown into the garbage can. In some cases, it may be possible to replace the stopper with one that comes with a built-in screen.


Clogged Toilet
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It should come as no surprise to know that toilets were only designed to flush human waste and toilet paper. Just as with the kitchen sink, teach everyone at home not to use toilets for anything other than what they were designed for. This means no cotton balls, feminine products, dryer sheets, paper towels, miscellaneous things that you don’t know what to do with or any spongy or bulky material, will cause a clog and may have grave consequences, causing you to have to resort to changing the entire toilet.

Preventive maintenance

Some of these clogs may be simple and straightforward, and it may be possible for you to tackle them on your own. You can use a plunger, throw some unclogging liquid down the drain or resort to a drain snake. You may also take some preventative maintenance actions and help your drains be as clean as possible.

A good place to start may be cleaning your drains every week or every couple of weeks. Lift out the pop-up stopper in every sink and remove any debris you find there. The tub drain can be cleaned by filling it with hot water and then letting it drain.

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