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How to Groom Your Instagram in 3 Simple Steps

Groom Your Instagram

When Instagram launched in 2010, the way the world thinks about photos changed. As the social platform continued to grow, words like “aesthetic”, “on-brand”, and “cohesive” started popping up everywhere. With more than 800 million monthly active users, the Instagram of today is full of amateur photos and designs that don’t look amateur. It’s a place where polished images with an authentic feel are the name of the game. To stand out and gain a following, you need to put some thought into each piece of content you post as well as how they all work together—especially if you’re using it to promote your business.

This might sound intimidating, but if you keep a few simple things in mind, it’s pretty simple. Here’s how you can clean up your Instagram and start posting attention-grabbing images in three easy steps, using Instagram and the free photo and video editing app, Instasize.

Why groom your ’gram?

Before you start whipping your Instagram profile into shape, think about what you want to accomplish. Two of the most common reasons for an overhaul are:

  • You’re going for a more polished, grown-up feel (i.e. getting rid of those regrettable posts from nights out during undergrad that your boss might come across).
  • You want to establish yourself as an expert in a field or show a particular passion—maybe you’re getting your personal training business off the ground and you want to make your Instagram all about fitness. Maybe you really enjoy taking photos of food, or want people to know you’re the authority on beard trimming.

Once you have an idea of why you’re cleaning up your Instagram, this three-step process will be a lot easier.  

Groomed Instagram page

1. Revisit your profile pic and bio

Let’s start at the top—that is, with your profile picture and bio. There isn’t a lot to this section, just one photo and about 150 characters worth of space. But it’s likely the first thing people see, so it’s important to convey what you or your business is about. A few keywords, emojis, and a link to your site or blog (if you have one) is about all you have room for.

As for the profile picture, you may want to use your logo if you’re using Instagram for your business. If not, choose a clear photo and make a few edits. You can quickly enhance your photo with the editing tools in Instasize (Sharpness, Highlights, and Shadows are good go-tos). You’ll also find retouching tools that make it easy to subtly whiten teeth, remove blemishes, and brighten eyes (we won’t tell).

2. Out with the old
Now think about that reason for cleaning up your Instagram that you identified earlier, and scroll through your posts. What doesn’t fit? If you don’t want to lose a post but it doesn’t go with your new vision for your profile, Archive it. Archiving keeps your post visible to you, but not to others. If you don’t want to see it ever again, Delete.

3. In with the new
Now that the content removal portion of your Instagram grooming project is done, give some thought to what you’re going to post from now on. If you’re not sure what kind of vibe you want, look through other people’s profiles and get some inspiration. Here are a few tips for making high-end, fresh content:

  • Edit: We’ve already talked about how a few quick edits can make a big difference in your profile photo, and the same goes for the rest of your photos as well as your videos. Instasize’s editing tools work on both, experiment with each tool and see how it enhances your content.
  • Keep it consistent: When it comes to creating an Insta profile with that “wow” factor, consistency is number one. Using filters is a popular way to get a consistent look, and you’ll find more than 60 original filters in Instasize. If you don’t want to commit to using one filter 100 percent of the time, use filters that have a similar vibe—Instasize’s filters are all grouped by style to make this easy.


  • Get creative: If all of your posts are too similar, your profile won’t be exciting. Experiment with different kinds of posts and visual trends, like drawing on images, adding text, and experimenting with borders. Instasize’s border packs, font options, and preset text styles made by professional designerss take the headache out of creating trendy, high-end content.  
  • Preview before you post: Posting great content is important, but that’s only part of making a killer Instagram profile. Making sure your posts go together is the other part. When you open Instasize, you can drag your images around to see how they’ll all look together when you post them. By previewing what your profile will look like with your new content, you can create a cohesive Instagram profile that attracts attention.