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How to Create Entertainment Lighting With LED Strip Lights

Create Entertainment Lighting With LED Strip Lights

While some of us are still happy with a naked bulb for our living room lighting, many of us have moved on and now know the value of beautiful indoor lighting to enhance the mood and ambience of a space. Enter led strip lighting. It’s a not-so-new-anymore trend that’s perfect creating ambience and a variety of moods from futuristic to classy modern finishes if done right. If you’ve ever looked at a beautiful entertainment area where everything is delicately backlit to perfection and wanted to recreate that, this blog’s for you.

Discover how to light up your entertainment space with LED strip lights that will blow you away.

LED Strip Lights for Your Artwork

Forget spotlighting, to accent your artwork, LED strip lights are a great way to backlight a favorite piece and make it the feature of the room. Simply place the LED strip lights around the perimeter of the back of your artwork to create a glowing border around the piece. We recommend a simple white light here so as not to detract from the artwork itself.

LED Strip Lights for Below the Cabinetry

Placing LED tape strips on the underside of cabinets such as a wall console can be functional as well as beautiful. If you prefer dim lighting in your entertainment area, placing lights under cabinets will help illuminate dark spaces without having to turn the lights on.

Again, while you can go with any light within the RGB color spectrum, we recommend a nice warm white light or cool blue is best for an entertainment space – any other color can sometimes appear cheap and gimmicky.

LED Strip Lighting for Stairs

LED Strip Lighting for Stairs

This is particularly useful for any entertainment areas that are in a den space. Again it’s a functionality issue. Use strip lighting on the underside of the stairs edge to light up the pathway down and to create a ‘floating staircase’ look that’s futuristic and cool. Open riser staircases especially benefit from this look.

Tips for Installing LED Strip Lighting

To get the strip lighting working connect the driver/transformer to the strip light then connect your driver/transformer to the mains and you’re set. If you’re using RGB strip lighting for multi-colored lighting, you’ll need an additional remote controller to change the light color.

This guest blog was written by The Lighting Outlet. For any more inquiries on LED strip lighting contact The Lighting Outlet today.