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A Guy’s Guide To Making Money Last Longer

Everyone loves money. Even if you’re the least materialistic person on the planet, a healthier bank balance removes a great deal of stress from your world. And it can open up doors to new and exciting opportunities. As such, keeping your finances in good health should be one of the most important items on your agenda.

In the long term, climbing the career ladder and earning more money should be the target. But regardless of how much you earn, it’s imperative that you make your cash work harder. Quite frankly, we all crave value for money. Here’s how you can get it.

Stop Buying Everything New


We live in a society where we tend to assume that everything needs to be bought brand new. There’s no denying that being the first person to use a product can be immensely satisfying. But it doesn’t always mean you’re getting the right value for money.

A new car, for example, will give you that amazing feeling for the first few weeks. However, it’s not worth paying over the odds for that short-term joy, especially when you take depreciation into account. Instead, choosing an affordable and suitable used family car will leave your finances in a far better position. If nothing else, knowing that you’ve gained value for money can enhance your relationship with the vehicle too.

In some cases, you don’t even need to buy items. If you’re only going to use a product for a short period, such as on a holiday, you’re better off hiring it. Aside from the cheaper cost, it will save storage space too.

Find The Best Deals


It might sound like the most obvious piece of advice ever, but searching for the best deal on the market is crucial. Seriously, why would any guy want to pay $50 when he can get the same item for $40?

Searching for the best deals has always been important. Nowadays, money-saving websites like Mehrgutschein mean there’s no excuse. A few minutes of research could generate savings on a whole host of different products. Even if the individual savings aren’t massive, the overall impact will be huge.

After working hard to earn that money, getting the best price is the least you deserve.

Make Smarter Life Choices


Taking the effort to find the best deals is one thing. In truth, though, you should be making smarter choices on a daily basis. Of course, you should be allowed to enjoy your life. However, hemorrhaging money unnecessarily is pointless.

The best solution here is to take a step back and analyze your choices. Do you need to keep going to the local cafe for lunch when you could prepare your own food for work? Maybe you could cycle instead of taking the bus or paying expensive parking costs. Small, regular improvements often make the biggest change.

You may struggle at the start, but it only takes a few weeks to learn a new habit. Stick with it, and the rewards will soon show.

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