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Is It a Good Choice Using Dating Sites for Professional Singles?

Dating sites for professional singles have been around since the early days of the internet. In fact, they were the prototype of social media sites as we know today. One good example is Friendster which became the model of many social networking sites such as Facebook. Keep in mind that Facebook was created for the purpose of introducing Harvard students for online dating.

When Facebook broke away from its purpose, it began to revolutionize the way people connect online. As a result, dating sites became almost forgotten. This is because of the bad impressions dating sites have instilled in the minds of many users. Moreover, those who have already benefited from dating sites for educated professionals are no longer using them. Perhaps, they have already settled down for good with their online dates.

Why Did Dating Sites Have Such a Bad Impression?

For quite awhile, the term “dating site” has had a bad connotation. This is because it was tainted by porn sites which started as dating sites, and began offering premium membership in which members had access to sex-related features. Meanwhile, others used the concept of dating sites to scam users. Such unscrupulous people would either gather private information or send malware in order to hack the computer of every member.

Consequently, professional singles find it more discreet to look for dates using social media sites. The problem is that social media sites are multipurpose. Most users are using it not for the purpose of dating but for something else. This makes it harder for people looking for dates to use social media sites.

What Makes Dating Sites Regain Their Good Reputation?

Nowadays, dating sites are beginning to build a good reputation. This is because more and more educated singles are joining. Subsequently, more and more professional dating sites are popping up to take advantage of this growing trend.

In the past, most dating sites were only good for teens and for young adults. Others were only good for seniors. Therefore, educated singles had very little choice. Ironically, this sector of society is so huge, it can make a dating site grow like Facebook.

In order to accommodate this group of people, many webmasters have created some hubs that may not be available for all categories except for professional singles. With these websites, it is not any more embarrassing for professional singles to look for their matches. They are well-maintained and regulated in order to prevent undesirable activities that may drive away users.

On the other hand, there have also been many success stories and testimonials online about the use of professional dating sites. Not only do they make users feel comfortable, these sites offer lots of features. If you are a professional single, you can now look for the best dating sites for educated professionals which was very difficult to do in the past.

Is It Really Good for Professional Singles to Use Dating Sites?

Again, the answer depends on which type of dating sites you can use. Nowadays, people are already informed that there are many different types of dating sites. Moreover, finding the right partner using these sites is not something new. Perhaps, it also depends on what profession you have.

Although it is awkward for some professionals to be identified with dating sites, others are even proud of telling everyone how they like using them. In addition, users or members are only active while looking for matches. The moment they find their perfect partner, the last thing they do is to share their experience.

Dating is part of being human. Everybody understands it no matter what you do whether you are a lawyer or a doctor. And being involved in dating sites will not affect your professional image. Though professional dating sites are for educated singles, joining them is purely a personal matter rather than professional.

Actually, the question whether or not it is good for professional singles to use dating sites is not any more significant once you start getting along with like-minded people on such a hub. Everything becomes normal because you will discover you are not alone. As a matter of fact, you belong to the majority of people looking for dates. It is just that people are quiet about their feelings toward dating sites.

Advantages of Using Professional Dating Sites

Professional dating sites offer a lot of advantages for educated singles. If you are a educated single, you are probably busy at work most of the time. This situation might have been preventing you from going to some social gatherings to meet people. Therefore, your chances of meeting the right partner is less.

Using dating sites will enable you to save time while not compromising your work. You don’t have to go elsewhere just to find a date. All you need is to get online and interact with another member whom you think best fits you. In just a click of a mouse or a tap on the screen of your smartphone, you are halfway through dating the right person for you.

Another benefit you can enjoy using dating sites is the chance to filter your preferences. Outdoor, you will never know who you will meet in a social gathering. With professional dating sites, you can choose someone based on his or her profession. If you want to find a date who is a doctor or a lawyer, it’s all up to you.

Disadvantages of Using Professional Dating Sites

Nothing is perfect. Everything has its pros and cons, and dating sites are no exemption. There are also disadvantages of using dating sites. The first one is the availability of time. Most professionals are busy. They are not always online. And when they spend time on dating sites, their schedules may be sporadic. This is not an ideal situation if you are looking for someone to be with any time you need. Another disadvantage is the limited choices you have since the only category these sites have is the one for educated singles.


It is difficult to determine whether or not it is good for you to use a dating site especially if you are a professional single. Nevertheless, it is your intention that will make it good or bad. Besides, there is nothing wrong with looking for a perfect partner in whatever means for as long as it is your ultimate purpose.