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Ghosted: Why People Ghost & How You Should Respond

Ghosted: Why People Ghost & How You Should Respond
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Nobody likes to be ghosted, but it’s happened to all of us in the dating game at least once or twice. It could leave you with so many unanswered questions about why someone suddenly stopped talking to you. One minute, she’s telling you about the new microblading hand tools she’s ordering, and the next minute you’re left on read for over a week.

We’re here to clear the air on why people ghost and how you should respond.

They’re Talking to Someone Else

One of the most common reasons that people ghost is that they’ve found someone else. They aren’t sure how to convey this to you, so the simplest way for them is to just simply stop talking to you. While it’s painful, it’s also good – as you don’t want to continue putting in time and effort with someone who’d rather be with someone else.

They’re Not Interested

Sometimes people ghost because they’re just simply not interested in you. While this is hard to hear, you shouldn’t let it get to your head. There are many people in this world with different ideas for what they want in a relationship, and you shouldn’t expect to match the criteria for all of them.

They Don’t Know How to Communicate

Unfortunately, some people are terrible at communicating. There could be a multitude of reasons they don’t want to talk to you anymore, but they don’t know how to let you know. They take the easy way out and just decide to cut off the conversation completely. Instead of spending days wondering why they ghosted you, count your blessings that you avoided a relationship with someone who lacks communication skills.

They Aren’t Ready for Commitment

There are times when people ghost because they’re afraid of commitment. This is often the hardest ghosting experience to swallow. It often means that things were going well between the two of you and the other person got scared about how things were progressing. While it’s uncomfortable to go through this with someone, it just means you avoided a relationship with someone who wasn’t ready for one. You deserve a relationship where someone is on the same page as you.

How You Should Respond to Being Ghosted

First and foremost, it’s best not to respond directly to the person who ghosted you at all. But you can learn from being ghosted. As we now know, there are plenty of reasons that people ghost, but none of it has to do with who you are as a person. Even if someone wasn’t interested in you, that doesn’t mean there’s not plenty of other fish in the sea.

You should take ghosting as a blessing in disguise. Be grateful that someone who wasn’t ready for a relationship, lacked communication skills, wasn’t sure about you, lacked commitment, or wasn’t interested in you filled you in from the get-go. Remember: not saying something is saying something.

Featured Image by Pexels from Pixabay