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Get Paid, Saving The World In Government

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What career path should you choose? It’s a question that everyone asks themselves, at one point or another. We all try to find the right career for us and avoid the possibility of choosing a job that would make us miserable or unhappy. To find the right career, there are a lot of factors people often consider.

You definitely want to make sure that it offers the right level of pay. Of course, people have to pay their dues so you might not be working in a high paid job, immediately after leaving college. Eventually, though, you will want to reach the top of the ladder, earning a ridiculously high salary. This means that you should avoid what are essentially dead-end jobs with no possibility of promotion. Instead, you should look for a job that has great levels of potential, even when you’re starting at the bottom of the ladder.

Perhaps, you should look at perks as well. Certain careers offer incredible perks such as great pension schemes, awesome holidays and wonderful health insurance packages. For instance, if you become a teacher you get the same level of holidays as kids at school. So, when they’re on vacation so too are you.

Some sense of achievement in your work would be another factor that people look for when they choose their career. They want to know that what they do in life makes a difference and when they leave this world, they have left their mark. This is the drive that leads many individuals to become doctors, working every day to help people in life. Essentially, you’re looking for a career that will leave you feeling proud of what you have accomplished. The gold grade would be to know that when your kids have a take your dad or mom to the workday, they’ll be excited to tell their peers what you do.

Is there any business sector or industry that provides all these factors? Actually, there is. If you want the best job in the world, you should look for a position in the government. To show why this is, we’re going to look at some of the coolest perks of government work, what you might be doing on a regular basis and why it could be the best career for you.

Let’s start by thinking about those government salaries.

How Much Does The Government Pay?

Quite a lot is the short answer, but we can look at this in more detail. Let’s say that you are at a fairly low point in government, working as an MP or perhaps as a congressman. In this position, you will be earning an average salary, but it will also be well over the minimum wage. You can expect to earn around 40K a year. Now, civil servants work on the other side of the bar. Rather than working for the people as MPs do, they work directly for the government. And boy, do they get paid for it! Civil servants can earn about 60K a year, and some of the top members of private government actually earn a lot more than that.

Arguably the top position in government would be the president, prime minister or head of state. The amount they earn dramatically differs from country to country. Since 2001 the president of the United States of America earns roughly 400K a year, while the Prime Minister of Great Britain earns about 142. As you can see, there’s a rather dramatic difference here, but however, way you slice it, once you reach to top you still do get paid.

Pride In Your Work

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For all the talk of how Congress doesn’t get anything done or how MPs are fairly useless, they do have a significant amount of power to change how countries operate and even how local areas are run. If you want an example of this, just look at the republican government currently in power in America. Donald Trump has been in power for over one hundred days, and already, a lot of changes have taken place. There have been alterations of abortion law, a new tax scheme and a plan to completely alter privatized health care.

It’s important to realize that this isn’t the work of one man. Everyone in government has this type of power and a single person even in a lower position can make all the difference. For instance, a congressman can arrange a filibuster. A filibuster is an incredible act in government where a vote can be delayed or even canceled completely due to the actions of one member of Congress. It is a key way that congressmen and women exert their power in government.

Of course, the main reason why you can take pride when working for the government is that you know who you are working for. If you are an MP, mayor, member of Congress or even a senator, you will be working to provide a service to the people of your country or your local area. You will be fighting to ensure that they are fairly represented in government and ensure that their voice is heard. Alternatively, you could be working directly for the government, and if that’s the case, you’ll know that you are serving your country, ensuring that it continues to operate as it should.

Politicians and government workers are often criticized in the media for being unimportant, useless and unable to fulfill their job. However, nothing could be further from the truth. When you are working for the government, you will be able to go home from work every day, knowing that you made a profound difference, in somebody’s life. This will be true, no matter what position you fill.

In fact, it is fair to say that government is the only job where making a notable difference to the world is actually possible. Of course, you can make changes as a business owner or at the head of the company. But the overall goal here is to make the greatest level of profit possible. That’s not true when you work in government.

Perks And Benefits

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There are so many benefits of working in government, and this is certainly true if you reach the top position, running a country. We can start checking out the benefits by thinking about travel. How do world leaders get around? The private jets of world leaders are quite impressive, and perhaps the most famous of all is Air Force One. More than just a form of transportation, Air Force One is really a flying hotel on wheels. It can comfortably seat up to seventy people comfortably. It’s just one example of the fleets of planes that fly around the skies, chauffeuring our world leaders.

And don’t forget, you don’t have to be a world leader to fly on a plane like air force one. Senior officials also have this privilege as do some prestigious members of the press.  

The other big benefit of working in government is the pension. Even if you only spend four years as president of the United States, you will still be set for life. There’s no such thing as a former president living on the dole, and the same can be true for congressmen or even government workers. A nice cushion pension package will be waiting for you when you retire, keeping you set until the end of your days. You might not be taking yearly trips around the world in your retirement, but you’ll definitely be living comfortably.

Are there any other benefits of working in government? Apparently, vacation packages for government workers are highly competitive and may even be better than standard office jobs. This compensates for the long hours, early days and terrible commutes. For instance, as an MP in the UK, you will be expected to attend parliament regularly in London. That’s certainly not a fun trip, but you’ll be able to put this down as expenses. So, at least it won’t cost you anything!

Although, if you’re looking at one of the biggest perks, it has to be job security. We all know that the job market is tough in 2017 and a lot of people are finding themselves losing jobs almost as quickly as they gain new positions. This is not true in the government sector. Working in government provides steady work with permanent contracts that are becoming rarer in other industries.

What Job Do You Want?

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If we’ve convinced you that a government position could be the right choice for you, you might be wondering about the type of position you could seek? What positions are available in government? The answer is absolutely anything. You can work in legal, as an MP representing the people or in a specialized branch. There are literally thousands of jobs in government, so no matter what your experience or qualifications, you could easily find a position that suits your specific traits. All you have to do is go out and get it.

Featured Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay