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How to Get a Woman’s Attention on a Dating App

Get a Woman’s Attention on a Dating App
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How to Actually Get a Woman’s Attention on a Dating App

Meeting people online in this digital era and carrying communication into the real world is not a rare occurrence anymore. In 2020, anyone can learn how to create a dating app, adding new opportunities to the already enormous pool of applications for everyone’s needs and tastes. But how do you get a woman’s attention on a dating App

However, the abundance of such apps doesn’t contribute to how effective they are in helping you get the attention of that woman you fancy. Below are a few tips on catching a girl’s eye when you’re using a dating app and avoid stifling the conversation that’s just beginning to bloom.

Get a Woman’s Attention on a Dating App
Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

#1 Pick Your Photos Carefully

On most dating apps, your pictures are what a woman sees when she comes by your profile. The least you can do to sway the decision in your favor is to make sure your photos are of good quality and relevant to the app you use. A simple, high-quality selfie will always be more attractive to viewers than a picture that’s more interesting thematically but significantly poorer in quality.

Besides, try to select pictures that represent your personality rather than those that simply look good. Do you like wearing shirts casually and do it frequently in real life? If your honest answer is no, it’s better to stick to a plain T-shirt. Comfort always trumps conventionally attractive clothing when it comes to photos.

Also, people are generally bad at choosing the best pictures of themselves. If you’re comfortable enough, a valid workaround for this issue is to ask a friend to select a couple of photos.

#2 Write a Bio and Make It Fun

Don’t skip writing a bio. If you wish to find a woman for a relationship, you need to give her a hint at what your personality is right away. Think about who you are looking for. Search for your interests, hopes, and passions that can resonate with the type of woman you’re seeking. Go beyond stating the basic information about yourself. Your bio is the place where you’re free to highlight the things that matter to you. Seize this opportunity, and you will significantly increase your chances of matching a like-minded person.

#3 Don’t Start with a “Hi.”

A simple “hi” is the primary killer of all conversations. Think about when somebody texts you this single syllable and expects you to drag the conversation along on their behalf. A simple greeting that you don’t follow with some substance feels hollow and lazy.

The general rule of thumb is to output exactly as much as you’re expecting to receive. Would you be fine with a single curt “hi” in your inbox? If that doesn’t sit right with you, it will probably get a bit underwhelming for the woman you text as well.

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#4 Be an Active Listener

If you happen to develop a genuine interest in someone, don’t hesitate to show her. Be an active listener and ask questions about the things she tells you. The trick is to find something in the other person that resonates with you and gets you sincerely want to learn more about her. Avoid feigning interest even if you like that girl. In the long run, you won’t be able to keep the charade, and the relationship will stop being enjoyable before it collapses.

#5 Start with Friendship

Unless you’re looking for a one-night stand, the best approach is to start as friends. Looking for a relationship, after all, doesn’t define you as a person. Focusing on getting romantic right off the bat can be detrimental to the actual efforts of getting to know the person you’re talking to and letting her get closer as well. Typically, when your personalities and interests intersect enough, morphing the existing friendship into something more romantically inclined builds a stronger foundation for the whole future relationship.

#6 Arrange a Meeting Soon

Dating apps exist to enable people to meet outside the physical locations of the real world. It’s totally fine and even beneficial to spend some time texting and getting to know each other before arranging a meeting. Many people, however, tend to keep at using this online format for too long. When you fail to move things into the real world in time, the chances are that the woman you’ve just started liking will find someone else or simply lose interest in further communication.

Get a Woman’s Attention on a Dating App

If you feel like you’d like to meet her and you are comfortable enough with her, make an offer. Of course, it is her choice to accept or refuse, but you need to let her know you’d like to move things along. Likewise, don’t rush to decline the meeting if the offer comes from her. Consider whether you want your communication to stay online and then, perhaps, give it a try.