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Four Ways to Ask Your Pal to be Your Best Man

You’re engaged, and now it’s time to ask your friend to be your best man. This is not always the easiest question to ask. Some guys don’t talk about something this emotionally heavy, which makes it a little harder to ask.

Do not fret about this. There are a few ways you can raise the question without making it too strange. It’s okay to be nervous but, in the end, this is your friend, and that means being your best man already crossed your friend’s mind. Here are a few ways you can break the ice and ask him the question.

Ask Them With a Gift

One thing you can do is pop the question with a gift. It worked with your bride-to-be, so it should work here. Of course, you do not have to get another ring, just a token that says you appreciate the friendship that will also help you broach the subject. Besides, this is good practice for you since you are going to have to get personalized groomsmen gifts for the rest of your friends later on. Try to put some thought into it because this is a pretty special moment in your relationship with your friend and one that is going to last forever.

Send Them a Funny Email

Some people out there do not do well with face-to-face interactions, especially ones that make you uncomfortable. Asking a friend to be your best man might be a little uncomfortable, and that’s okay. You can show your funny side online through chat or email. You can look for a joke or a meme to express how you feel. This will be an easy way to approach the question without feeling too weird.

Ask Them Over for a Drink

There is no doubt about the fact that alcoholic beverages help loosen people up, even people who are a little reserved or uncomfortable at times. You can invite your friend out for a few drinks or have them come over to your house. You want to make sure you have the drinks that your friend loves the most. Try to relax, but do not have too many drinks because you still want to be sober enough to ask this very important question. Do not worry, a little liquid courage should definitely make things a bit easier for you.

Leave Them a Funny Handwritten Note

Those who do not do well in-person but feel that an email might be too impersonal should consider a note. Yes, go back to the old school way of communicating with pen and paper. What you want to do is leave a “Will you be my best man?” card at your friend’s place asking this person to be your best man. Keep in mind that you are writing a personal note, so it’s okay if you leave a few personal words or how you feel about asking him to be your best man.

There you have it. Now, you know a few simple ways to pop the other important question after proposing to your bride-to-be. This one is not as hard as the first one, but it can still be a little nerve-wrecking. Do not worry though; this is your best friend, and he would most likely say yes.