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Four Gadget Repairs That Can Be Done Via Mail Order

We lead increasingly busy lives, and we’ve become dependent on technology to help make sure that our daily tasks run a lot smoother. We do our clothes shopping on our morning commute, order our food delivery on our lunch, and the last thing we need is for our smartphone or tablet to break down.

What if we don’t have the spare time over an evening or weekend to book an appointment and visit a store to get it repaired? What about the long service hours needed to get it fixed and sent back to us? Thankfully, Fix Apple Now have a mail shipping repair service that customers can use regardless of their nearest Apple repair store locations. To give you an idea of the kinds of repairs they do, take a look at the top four below…

  1. Smartphones

Whether it’s everyday wear and tear that’s damaged your phone, or you’ve had an accident that’s left it unusable, you’ll find a whole range of these repairs can be done via mail. The Fix Apple Now experts can help with any iPhone generation, as well as several Windows or Android models. If you need to fix cracked glass, investigate a display problem, replace a battery, and repair a home or power button, they’ll be able to take care of it. They can also look into fixing audio jacks, water damage and other internal, more complex problems.

  1. iPods

We all know that iPods today have far more functionality than just a music player, and it can be like having no mobile if it’s suddenly out of action. Luckily, no matter what generation you have, from Touch and Nano to Classic, they can help! Bleeding LCD displays is a common repair issue, as is a broken click-wheel or cracked screen.

  1. iPads

If you use your iPad with a keyboard for work, then you’ll need to have it up and running again as soon as possible. The technicians here can handle anything that your iPad Mini, Air, Retina, and even first and second generations can throw at them. A common complaint is shattered glass, coloured lines on the LCD display, and broken volume buttons or sound issues from all the YouTube you’ve been watching.

  1. Laptops and Macs

apple-iphone-books-desk (4)

Sometimes it can be difficult to identify the problem with your machine, but whether it’s a PC or Mac, Fix Apple Now deal with a range of repairs for larger pieces of equipment. Leave it to them to perform a full diagnostic review, let you know about any further services you might need, and use the best quality parts to fix the issue. It might start off as a cracked screen, but on closer inspection, more components could need replacing. From the hard drive, to the motherboard and graphics card, you can rely on them to identify the problem, and come back to you immediately with a solution.

What common gadget repairs have you come across?

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