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Forgot The Wife’s Birthday Until The Last Minute? Help Is Here


So, it’s just dawned on you that it’s your wife’s (or girlfriend’s) birthday tomorrow. You haven’t bought a thing, and panic has suddenly seen your fears shoot through the roof. You might think the game is over, but you can still salvage this before ruining your partner’s big day.

With some quick thinking, you can still make this one of the wife’s birthday gifts she’ll ever enjoy it. Buy a card from the local store, and then turn your attentions these tips to complete the rescue mission.

Be Romantic

You might fear that you’ve not bought your partner a big expensive gift. In truth, though, she’s more focused about the thought. A thoughtful present doesn’t always mean that you have to spend extra money. On the contrary, a simple, personalized gift or heartfelt gift can already take your partner by surprise And you can mask your lack of planning with a few romantic gestures.

Write her a poem or letter expressing your feelings, and the lack of physical presents will be instantly forgotten. Meanwhile, next day flowers can be a real life-saver too. All she really wants is a little love and attention on her birthday. Achieve this goal, and you can’t go far wrong.

Another quick and easy option is to get a jar, and fill it with 365 reasons why you love her. Each day she’ll be able to pick one random piece of paper. Very soppy, but it will get you out of jail.

Arrange A Dinner Party

The key to a great birthday isn’t in the presents. The most important factor is that you spend it with the most important people in your life. Your partner appreciates this and is a far more crucial aspect than a necklace or perfume.

Organising a dinner party is pretty easy. It’s quite late notice, so you might not be able to get everyone you like to come. Nevertheless, a few sneaky calls and Facebook messages should work a treat. You could even add the element of surprise.

Let Her Choose The Day’s Activities

With time against you, it’s crucial that you find a quick and effective solution. Perhaps the laziest option is to wake up in the morning and let her decide what to do. She might want to visit a local attraction or go for a nice walk. Either way, dedicate your time to her.

If nothing else, at least you know that she’ll be doing something she enjoys. Ultimately, keeping her happy should be the number one aim of the day.

Last Minute Present

Sometimes the best things come in small packages. If you are looking for a last-minute present that’s bound to get her smiling, think about treating her to a magical date. Buying tickets to see her favourite singer will give her something to feel excited about. Moreover, it’s another commitment of your time together.

The great thing about this option is that you can print the e-tickets and wrap them up as a fantastic present. You can have this job completed within minutes, and you won’t even need to leave the home.

Depending on the activity, you could even promise to go out at the weekend and find a special outfit for her too.


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