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Flat Panel Radiators: A Minimalist Design Dream Come True

Building design and interior decorating are disciplines that go hand in hand in playing a large part in shaping various industries, which then set about developing certain products and furnishings in response to the latest trends. One of the most innovative styles to take hold in recent times is that of minimalism. Sleek, spacious, and sparsely furnished, minimalist design has been growing in popularity and looks like it is here to stay. The roots of minimalist design can be summed up with the notion that ‘less is more’ with the focus being on simple forms and clean lines. Minimalism seeks to strip away bulk and clutter and leaves features to speak for themselves especially when it comes to Flat Panel Radiators.

Matching Function with Design

One of the great difficulties with minimalist design has been finding appropriate appliances to match because to successfully pull this look off, everything else in the space must be in harmony with the dominant theme. Heating is a particular design area that has been slow to embrace change. Traditionally most heaters are bulky and at times even ugly, with a focus on utility rather than style. In the past there were few solutions available but recently heating has made a radical shift for the better. For those seeking a modern flair with a minimalist edge, flat panel radiators are the long awaited game changer.

Slim, Sleek and Suave

Flat panel radiators are extremely thin and can be effortlessly installed along walls with very little intrusion into the room’s interior space. They are available from RadiatorFactory.net in a wide array of sizes and styles and are perfectly suited for their ability to blend in; to the point of being virtually unnoticed when well integrated into a design.

Flat panel radiators have been available in parts of Europe for a number of years and the rest of the world is only just beginning to catch on. The increasing demand for minimalist heating solutions has prompted manufacturers to respond by designing a larger range and becoming more competitive on pricing as well as efficiency.

While white is ever popular, there is no need to be limited if one truly wants to add a splash of color to a room, or an entire house. A minimalist design needn’t be bland or austere. Sleek, stunning flat panel radiators are available in a wide array of colors and tones.

Panels for Every Position

Installation is never a problem either as flat heating panels are built in so many sizes that they can be conveniently installed in positions that would be impossible for more traditional forms of heating. Panels can be placed down low below the height of windows, spread along entire walls and are particularly useful when stretched vertically to fully utilize thin gaps in smaller spaces between windows or in bathrooms where space is at a premium. Flat panel radiators can even be mounted on the ceiling, leaving walls completely free to highlight more beautiful design elements if so desired.

When it comes to finding a complementary look that can fit with a broad number of themes, heating had been regarded as one of the last hold outs. Thankfully now, the days when heaters were clunky, oversized monstrosities that were impossible to blend into the background are well and truly over with. With access to the very best range available, flat panel radiators from Radiator Factory can be found that will suit every circumstance, design requirements and budget.

Charming and Efficient

Flat panel radiators are not just beautiful, they are also highly functional and energy efficient by design. They regulate their heat quickly, being fast to warm up and cool down should the room become too hot. They radiate warmth without the use of noisy fans, or drying the air out unnecessarily. Panel radiators can also operate purely by electricity or can be linked to an existing hot water system provided by a central boiler.

Flat panel technology has really grown in leaps and bounds, largely driven by the desires of customers and designers alike, to have heating options that are elegant and accentuate rather than impose. With numerous manufacturers rising to the challenge, the options have been thrown wide open. An uncluttered, minimalist look holds great appeal and nothing else competes when it comes to the sense of simple harmony that flat panel radiators bring to a room.

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