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Five reasons why writing good e-mails is essential for finding a soul mate

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Finding our other half is one of the fundamental goals in life and may take longer than we are prepared to wait. We have all read quotes and seen movies about that true love, which most call soul mate, but a soul mate can also be someone we share thoughts, beliefs, and dreams with. We can bump into our soul mate on the street, in the bus, on our walk in the park, but we can also encounter them in the digital world without even having a clue that the person on the other side of the screen may be someone special for us.

We are spending more time online than ever before. Our communication and work are increasingly based in the digital arena and we continuously equip ourselves with more technology to support this communication, including mobile phones, laptops, tablets, or smart watches. The dominant form of communication online is through written text that we may at times underestimate. Being active as a ‘writer’ online may not only serve for the successful completion of work-related tasks but it can also be used to spread a message, meet new people, or take part in a social circle. In other words, it can be a resource that may lead you to the soul mate you have been waiting for.

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The Importance of Writing Good Emails


Although most may consider email as an outdated form of communication, this source of messaging individuals online is still a relevant and popular form of communicating. Research from 2018 suggests that 51% of people using email check their inbox every couple of hours, which proves the impatience to receive new messages or content to indulge in. More and more individuals are accessing their email from a mobile device and 21% of people show annoyance if they receive content that is not mobile-optimized.

Businesses have carefully analyzed consumer behavior and online trends in order to personalize their email messages in a way that is likely to guarantee success or interest in the brand. But apart from marketing agencies and marketing experts, email is often used by individuals to communicate with others, especially in a work environment. But what does this have to do with finding your soul mate?

As we already mentioned, finding your soul mate may not always happen at your most imagined time and place. There is a high chance that your special someone may be part of your work environment, where you are probably spending the majority of your time. If we think about it, emails can be compared to writing someone a love letter in the old days. It is not an instant messaging tool such as the ones we use on social media but it can be used as a platform to remind someone that we think about them outside of social media.

So let’s take a look at why writing good emails is important in the search of a soul mate.

Demonstrating Creativity

You may have noticed that when checking your inbox you are tempted to open certain emails while others you just avoid. The reason behind this in the majority of cases is the choice of subject lines attached to the email. If we find that the heading is slightly boring and unattractive, chances are that we won’t open the email unless it’s something important.

If we imagine for a second that anyone from your work atmosphere of clients can be your potential soul mate, we will understand how important it is to always add creativity in your emails. Create a catchy and outside the box heading to maximize the chances of intriguing the reader, they may be that special someone!

Showing Personality

The way that we write is a result of years of reading and writing and is a great way to show personality. Especially to the careful readers who spend time with a given text, there will be a number of tricks to uncovering your true personality. The choice of words, the level of humor or seriousness to the text, the proper use of grammar, or simply the way that your email flows from one topic to the next can make or break your communication with your potential soul mate.

There is a range of tricks that can be used in order to boost your email writing style. If you feel the necessity to tone up your writing, don’t forget to ultimately show your true personality and avoid adopting someone else’s way of writing or expressing feelings or emotions.

Proof of Intellectual Capabilities

To the book lovers out there it will be a significant relief that a person’s intellect can easily be spotted just by the first couple of sentences in an email. By intellectual capabilities, we mean grammar, choice, and diversity of wording, comfort in writing, but also psychological abilities such as catching someone’s attention, attracting them to a topic of their choice, and more.

If it is your soul mate who is reading the email, chances are that they will not be capable of closing the email without sending back a response. If the person on the other side of the screen is that special someone, they are likely to feel the connection based on your writing in an instant.

Shows Your Ability to Organize

Collecting words to form a meaningful sentence, let alone long text, requires a high level of organizational abilities. An organized way of writing is often related back to an organized way of living, which is certainly a trait admired by most.

If the reader is in search of a person who manages an organized lifestyle, your email is likely to trigger a positive response and maybe a proposal for a deeper level of communication.

Perfect to Show Your Interest in Writing

writing emails to the loved once

Similar to showing off your intellectual abilities, writing good emails also shows our interest and love for writing. This can be established based on the length and structure of your emails. For instance, if you are absolutely comfortable with your writing style and just love how words sound when they are being read, chances are that your emails will be relatively longer but not too much and their flow will be natural and appealing, especially if the reader is your soul mate. After all, a soul mate is that one person who ideally suits your personality and who truly complements your being.

Writing emails is certainly not an old-fashioned way of communication and is still widely used today. Although mainly associated with business matters, writing good emails can be an unexpected way of meeting your soul mate and finally discovering that one person who perfectly suits your way of living. Don’t underestimate the power of a good email and try to give the best version of your writing to those who you communicate with. You can upgrade your e-mail writing style through specialized courses or you can use the professional services of editors who can tailor your style and make it one to remember.

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