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Product Packaging Goals You Must Aim At!

Many people believe that shoppers are actually individuals who make informed and rational decisions. However, studies have proven that the regular buyer reacts instinctively, but the fact is that in an entire shopping trip he would have read up to seven words. Most people buy based on few important factors: Packaging, Color, and Shape. As a seller, you must make the person to buy your product before his logic has a chance to prevent this from happening.

Every business should apply Biomotive Triggers within their packaging to affect our subconscious and generate action before the consciousness stops it. Sixteen key combinations are connected within this concept. Understanding them will provide you with the opportunity to connect with your clients emotionally and sell significantly more products.

The efficient packaging tells the audience about you and your brand. It answers the questions: Who am I? What do I do? How am I important to you? Here are the five important things a packaging should do:

I. Stand Out

You must draw the shopper’s eye to the package and let it communicate with you. The packaging or the custom boxes you design must be able to deliver a unique message to the client.

Many companies use cusps to spark emotion within the target audience. Cusps are pointy shapes that trigger the feeling of caution and danger. For example, in Disney’s movie Maleficent, everything from the typeface to her makeup formed cusp shapes.

II. Simplicity

The market nowadays is crowded with flashy images and a minimalistic design will surely stand out. When a customer goes to the shelves, all they see is flashy images with different colors and a variety of fonts, which aim is to catch your attention. In such cases, one clean and simple package will make a contrast and it will provide a greater effect. This should lead to a raise of the sales and the market share of the company significantly.


III. “The Five-Year-Old” Assessment

Do you know when you have created a truly successful packaging? Simply, explain your product to a five-year-old and send them to the store to find it and get it for you.

Distinctive packaging creates an iconic connection that makes consumers to desire it even more. For example, if you ask your kid to bring you the lilac-colored chocolate with a cow on it and they will bring you Milka. Ask them for a blue pack with a big cookie with splashed milk and they will come with Oreo.

IV. Create Emotions

Your brand’s packaging must make the customers to feel something when they see it. Many companies like Kinder use a person who makes an eye contact with the buyer due to the fact that this is a powerful attention-grabbing tool. In fact, eye-contact is considered as the most powerful marketing trick in packaging.


V. Create Memorable Assets

The masters of the creation of iconic assets are people behind Coca Cola’s branding. The typography, the contour wave and the red color are all distinctive signs of the brand.

Many people believe that Coca-Cola is all about the flowing curves and the font. However, you will see three cusps if you look closer. There’s one under the “C” and under “a” in the word “Coca” and one in the center of the “C” in Cola.

You thought that this has little or no effect on your mindset? On the contrary, your eyes are focused on the center of the words. Now, all you have to do is see the font and your brain will suggest that it’s Coca Cola even if it isn’t.

The packaging must be designed with uniquetriggers to affect the point of consideration. It is scientifically proven that design is accountable for the raise of sales, so don’t think that packaging is a matter of creativity only.

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