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Creating Artworks from Steel

Taking into consideration steel’s cost-effective qualities, the design flexibility that it offers and its enduring durability that can’t be matched by any other materials available to artists, it’s little wonder that we’re seeing so many amazing artworks created from steel these days.

Steel was once viewed as ugly and indicative of environmental degradation by many people, but views on steel and its usage have changed significantly over the years as it has become a well-known fact that not only is steel a highly sustainable material, which is why steel fabrication is used so extensively for building projects, but that it’s also very attractive and worthy of displaying.

Sheet Metal Art

Art made from sheet metal has been gaining greater acceptance and popularity in recent years and it’s nothing shy of remarkable what can be created from sheet metal. Sheet metal comes in a wide range of different sizes, thicknesses and standards, much like the quality steel in Perth from Remson Steel, so you need to know what you’re looking for as some steel products will prove more suitable than others depending on what you’re planning to do with it. For example:

  • Bending – If you’re planning on bending sheet metal, the thinner the sheet the better
  • Grinding – As grinding can cut through sheet metal, a thicker sheet is the best option

Do some research into the different types of metal sheets that you can buy as there are many to choose from and some sheet metal types will enable you to achieve different effects more easily than others.

Steel Structures


Decorative steel structures are very popular these days and there’s quite a market for steel artworks that can be used to decorate and beautify outdoor spaces. Many artists are using scrap metal for their works of art and that’s a great thing, as it’s always wonderful to create something from an item that was discarded and thought to be of little to no use any longer. What’s more, if you’re an artist and looking at creating decorative structures to sell to the art appreciating public, then this will further help you to turn a profit as your material acquisition costs would be very low.

With regard to artistic works that decorate gardens and outdoor spaces, some ideas include:

  • Animals – Any animal can be beautifully represented in a recycled steel artwork
  • Abstract designs – Like animals, it’s amazing what artists can create from steel

There are so many things that can be created from steel, many of which there’s a market for so it’s become feasible for many talented artists to make a living (or at least pay for their pastime) with the steel artworks they create and sell. What’s more, whether you choose to use recycled steel and other metals or purchase the steel you require from a local fabrication business (most of the steel purchased from these businesses is approximately 85% recycled and will one day be 100% recycled), the only limit to what you create with steel are your artistic abilities and your imagination!

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