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Christmas Shopping: When’s the Best Time to Start?

For many people, Christmas is the most memorable time of the year, and is it any wonder? We spend hours preparing for it, stocking up with all our favorite foods, putting up a Christmas tree, and, of course, buying and wrapping presents. But when should the buying of gifts begin? In a survey by Goldsmiths, the jewelers have revealed some interesting statistics about Christmas shopping and when to start. Here we explore the various options.

Thrifty and Super Organised

Everyone knows somebody who starts their Christmas shopping during the January sales, and while this may not be the most romantic strategy, it is thrifty and super organized. Presents can be picked up cheaply and then stored away until the festive season rolls around again.

Black Friday

Black Friday is the name given to an American tradition that has been adopted around the world. On Black Friday, which is usually the day after the American Thanksgiving holiday, retailers run promotions and sales in the hope of kick-starting the Christmas shopping season.

As Black Friday is at the end of November, it offers an excellent opportunity for people to start buying Christmas presents. Festive cheer is creeping its way in by the end of November, and the chance to save some pennies can be tempting.

Last Minute Dot Com

However, it could be argued that by Christmas shopping this way, you run the risk of the presents being a little outdated or that it takes away from the fun of buying for Christmas and turns it into a post-Christmas blues bore.

Great gift ideas

Jennen Shoes

The gift with style and comfort. Why not take your dad into the new year with a great pair of stylish shoes from Jennen shoes. Jennen has running shoes, dress shoes, and even workboats to make someone happy. What makes Jennen shoes so unique, they add a heal lift in their shoes to help you grow an inch or so in a few minutes. If your dad is the size of Tom Cruz, he could use a small lift too. If he isn’t a fan of the shoes at Jennen, they also offer heel lifts for your current favorite shoe. Don’t forget about the women in your life. Jennen offers stylish shoes for the ladies as well.

18.21 Man-made

18.21 Man-made is “A nobles experiment made in the USA.” Inspired by the prohibition area. 18.21 Man-made empowers men to live to their utmost potential through professional-grade grooming products and grooming wisdom. Why not give this experience as a Christmas gift for that man in your life. With hints of sweet tobacco, vanilla, honey in their Octane 500 body lotion will make any man smell good enough to eat. If lotion isn’t your thing. Try their 4 in 1 Carry-On(shampoo, conditioner, wash and shave gel). It is perfect for the traveler or simple man in your life.

Boozy Balls Cookies

One gift that can be given all year long is Boozy Balls Cookies, with 13 different flavors to choose from. You will be able to check a few people off your shopping list. My favorite is the Chocolate Peanut Butter Bourbon and Blueberry Lemon Vodka. I enjoy placing a large order just before the holidays to take to parties and if I need a last-minute gift. I was impressed with the quality and taste of the cookies. The alcohol flavor was not overpowering. I have had my box open for a few days now, and they are still moist and fresh to eat.

Southern Recipe Small Batch

Keep all bellies happy this year with Southern Recipe Small Batch pork grinds. With unique flavors to choose from, they will make every mouth happy. With two holiday flavors, you can take your gift-giving to the next level. When you are gifting the lovely bottle of bourbon, add a bag of Apple Cinnamon Pork grind for pairing. Or start your holiday party with a bowl of Cranberry Jalapeno Pork grinds to nibble on while sipping a Cosmopolitan Martini. My favorite is a classic flavor of Spicy Dill. It has the perfect combination of spice and dill as an ideal snack while drinking my favorite tequila.


Groove Life Belts and more

Give the gift that everyone uses, check Groove Life and their unique belt collection. With the “world’s baddest buckle,” a slim magnet design takes an average belt to the next level. The Groove belt is designed to have the perfect fit every time. If you know someone who is constantly gaining and losing a few pounds. The Groove belt is the ideal belt for them. A no-hole buckle design allows it to be adjusted without adding new holes or wear and tear like your current belt. With over 80 stylish belts to choose from, you will even find one to support your favorite NFL team. My wife loves mine so much I had to buy one for her. When looking for a belt, look at their large selection of rings for men and women. This Christmas, give your wife a set of stackable rings to add some color and style to your lady’s hand. You can even get one for yourself.

Good JuJu

Try not to be a last-minute shopper. Order a few ideas from Good JuJu ahead of the holiday season. Keep a few small ideas like a Herbal soap bar or an essential salve for better-looking skin. For the men in your life with bead and facial oil will be a great addition to any gift basket or stocking.

The way we do our Christmas shopping and start, like many other things in life, has a lot to do with the type of person and circumstances. Whether you are super organized or not doesn’t matter, because when it comes to giving Christmas presents, it’s the thought that counts.