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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Ring

Wedding rings
Image by Richkat from Pixabay

When you are planning your wedding, there are so many things, big and small, that you need to consider.  From the venue to the wedding dress, the groom’s outfit to the wedding cars, there are lots of things to consider and decide about to bring everything together for the perfect day.  One of the small but crucial things is the wedding rings, and choosing these can be a big decision – especially if you already have an engagement ring.

Pairing metals

One of the big things to consider when choosing wedding rings to go with an engagement ring is the metals involved.  Not all metal actually sits well together and not just from a visual perspective – for example, 9ct gold can wear away 14ct or higher types of gold because it is harder and tougher.  This can make one of your rings look damaged and spoil the look so always look into the pairing of metals.

Ring shape

When you look at many designer engagement rings, you will notice that diamonds or feature stones are set lower than would once have been the tradition.  This is with the aim of pairing rings together even if they are bought at different times.  The shape of the ring and the way any stones are set are going to play a big part in the wedding ring you choose to wear with it while plainer engagement rings can sometimes be easier to pair up.

Diamonds or not?

Another trend in wedding rings has been to have them set with small diamonds for the ladies to add sparkle and feature.  But if your engagement ring has diamonds in it then it might mean that the two don’t sit well together.  If you do want to have diamonds in both, look at the cut and carat sizes to find complementing sizes of diamonds to create a harmonious look.

Matching each other

The other decision aside from matching your wedding ring with your engagement ring is whether to go for matching or coordinating his and hers wedding bands. Some couples like to have a ring that is essentially identical to the man’s ring, sometimes a little bigger.  Other times, they will go for coordinating looks that complement each other but aren’t the same – ladies’ rings with diamonds, for example.  The man would often have the same ring but without the diamonds and just a plain style if that is what he prefers.