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How to choose a VPN service for a UK resident?

The scarcity of privacy generates the demand for services to protect it in our globalized world. States spy on their field, companies monitor their employees, private security agencies monitor their counterparts. What can we say about the Global Network, where the question of “wiretapping” is an opportunity that must always be allowed initially.

And it’s not even mandatory for any provider of SORM-2 or insidious intelligence services, but that technically any ordinary administrator of your provider (or its upstream provider, etc.), having put quite a banal software, can automatically catch hundreds of thousands of passwords of its subscribers, while knowing exactly what is being visited, what is being written and downloaded, and this task can be accessed by a high-school student.

As a protection, we offer to consider today the leading best VPN UK services which are on the one hand reliable means of encryption of all traffic. And on the other hand they are absolutely universal solutions that allow you to get anonymity for a wide range of tasks that everyone determines for themselves.


HideME is a service for anonymous and secure access to web resources. It provides:

  • work with blocked sites (if the lock is applied to them at the level of the provider / country or administrator of the local network);
  • encryption of all addresses and removal of malicious and advertising scripts from blocked sites;
  • constantly updated proxy-lists with a convenient filter on a set of parameters and export to .csv, txt, xml;
  • own proxy-checker with the system of IP recognition;
  • IP from different countries to choose from, full-format support for unlocking YouTube, anonymity for the whole PC, a separate plug-in for Firefox.

The basic functions of the anonymizer are provided for free. Additional services are included in the package of paid services.

When using VPN servers from several dozens of countries and cities the user can choose one of 120+ IP-addresses for confidential and secure access to sites that for some reason have been “filtered” in your country or on your local network. The team is constantly working on expanding the base of proxy servers and IP-addresses.


Cryptocloud / Torrentfreedom

This is the largest VPN provider, whose business is completely focused on active users of P2P networks, in particular BitTorrent. OpenVPN technology is used, which allows you to easily connect to both public and private torrent trackers around the world. It supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux / UNIX / BSD. To connect to the service, keys 1024-bit RSA are used, when transferring all data through the server, the traffic is encrypted with a 2048-bit key.

This traffic encryption key dynamically changes every 20 minutes. No personal data is stored. The cost of connection is $ 17 dollars a month, the speed is limited only by the physical width of your channel. Just recently, the service merged with cryptocloud providing a wider range of tools for network security based on cloud technologies, including the VPN service.

Perfect Privacy

The rules for using the service say, “We do not care who you are and what you do on the network; Pay and use.” In addition to the basic service as VPN, the service also offers a whole set of tools for all occasions to animate not only web surfing. Here are just a part of the proposed set: 4096-bit OpenVPN encryption, 4096 bit SSH-2 (Secure Shell 2), 4096 bit SSL / TLS, Squid proxy, CGI proxies and much more.

The connection costs 10 euros per month, the speed is not limited. Also, you need to pay a single fee of 10 euros for setting up and the first connection to the service. This service is ideal for advanced users who will be able to make any of their programs completely anonymous for an external Internet observer. At the moment, the service has more than 30 of its servers around the world.