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Impressing Bosses With Tech Wizardy Even When You’re Not The IT Guy

There’s nothing that can get a go-getting business owner excited quite like some newfangled technology that helps them run their business better. It’s why they set up networks and rely on web conference calls and are always tracking the stats on their sites and social media. If you want to get in their good books then innovating the business with some tech is a good way to do it. But you don’t have to be an IT guy, a web developer or even a marketing guru to do it. All you need is a handy gadget or two.

Master your destiny (or at least your time)

One of the easiest ways to impress your boss is by achieving better results in less time. We’re all capable of it, even if we feel like we’re working the hardest we possibly can. That’s because better results come by working smarter, not harder. Managing your time and your workload effectively is about focus and prioritization. Time management and techniques like batch process tasks are a lot easier when you have apps that do a lot of the organization for you. Tell your boss about how you use time management apps to improve your workload and you could see them making it a new policy in the business, all inspired by your own results.

Take some photos

Branding is important in any business and your bosses are likely always looking for better ways to communicate the values of the brand. One of the ways they’ll do that is through photography. If they’re looking for imagery to populate their site or share in their content, then being able to offer them better or unique photos with devices like a drone from Rotor Copters could see you making a much bigger impact on that brand than they might expect you to. It not only shows that you’re willing to use skills and elements from your life outside work to improve your contributions to the job but it shows an out-of-the-box thinking and engagement they’re bound to appreciate.

Give the skinny on any situation

Communication of all forms is crucial in the business. Whether it’s about producing informative and interesting content to catch the attention of consumers or to spread information through the business. To that end, thinking of ways to make that communication more interesting is a struggle that bosses have been dealing with for years. If they are planning a new article or sending out memos on strategy, talk to them about infographics. They’re a now tried-and-tested model of communicating more data to an individual without demanding as much of their attention. You can easily create your own infographics with sites like Piktochart, as well. If it makes your boss’s communication all the clearer, then it’s going to benefit everyone involved.

Bring innovative new ideas to the boss using your own tech and you are going to stand out. Creative thinkers are the best assets a business has and they’ll make sure to remember that when they think about what to do with you in future.