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Passing Microsoft MCSE 70-413 Exam?

Microsoft MCSE 70-413 exam

IT certifications are one of the best ways to boost your career in the IT industry. Perhaps that is why so many IT professionals, as well as IT students, opt for different IT certifications. However, becoming certified is not at all easy, as you need to pass many exams. One such IT certification which is quite south-after is MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure. In order to earn MCSE certification in Cloud Platform and Infrastructure, you need to be MCSE certified in Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2016 or Cloud Platform or Linux on Azure and pass one of 10 exams and Microsoft 70-413 exam is one of them visit our Site.

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure certification will let your career grow as an information security analyst, a cloud administrator, etc. Drive through the write-up and you will learn more about Microsoft 70-413 exam and how this MCSE certification can support you as an IT professional working as a cloud architect or a specialist in computer support, etc.

Exam 70-413 Objective


Planning and designing an automated server installation strategy is the main goal of Microsoft 70-413 exam. The exam is centered on entry-level skills which are essential to understand the designing and implementing infrastructure for Windows Server 2012 and Server 2012 R2.

What is MCSE Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Certification?

The certification is designed for professionals who have the knowledge and the skills to manage modern server networks, handle security administration, virtualization, prevention of any type of disaster, taking care of data centers, efficient backup recovery, networking and systems management, storage of data, mainframes, identity management, etc.

Why You Need to Get MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Certification?

Cloud computing is the future of the IT world. For people who are willing to make their career in system administration and many similar jobs, they must have MCSE Cloud Computing certification. Here is the pathway to get the MCSE Cloud Platform and Infrastructure certification;

  • Get MCSE certification in Cloud Platform, Windows Server 2012 Linux on Azure, or Windows server 2016 from Exam-Labs:
  • From a list of 10 exams you need to pass, choose Microsoft 70-413 exam which is on the list. It is known as designing and implementing a server infrastructure.
  • Get MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure certification.
  • Now you can apply for more related certifications, start searching jobs and make a better career.

Note, that Microsoft certifications tend to become outdated within several years, and soon the credential you’ll get after taking 70-413 and 70-414 exams will be MCSE: Core Infrastructure. With this credential, you’ll have the opportunity to apply for the position of administrator, information security analyst, support specialist, and architect.

What Skills Are Measured in 70-413 Exam?

Exam 70-413 exam is also known as Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure. Here your capability in designing and implementing a Windows Server 2012 infrastructure is assessed in an enterprise based on a virtualized environment. Your knowledge in planning, configuring and implementing the Windows Server 2012 and Server 2012 R2services, will be validated with the help of exam 70-413 and it will become certain to the employer that you can execute the work of server deployment, virtualization of server, and many other such works. Here is the list of the skilled measured with exam 70-413.

Planning and Deployment of Server Infrastructure (20-25%) – To make an automated server installation strategy one must understand the basic concept behind the server infrastructure.

Implementing and designing networks infrastructure services (20-25%) – Here we are talking about DHCP solution. To pass the 70-413 exam you must learn about designing and managing IP addresses.

Implementing network access services (15-20%) – Basic understanding of designing VPN, DirectAccess, Web application proxy, Scannable remote access, and network protection are must to get the better results in order to get MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure and pass exam 70-413.

Designing and implementing active directory infrastructure (Logical and Physical) –Designing and implementing a forest and domain infrastructure, Group policy strategy and important permission model, site topologies, domain controllers, and branch office infrastructure are yet another important skills that will be measured with 70-413 exam.

What Is the Exam Details of Microsoft 70-413?

The available languages in this exam are – English, Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, French, and German. This exam is based on Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 technology and its cost is 165 USD. However, the cost varies from one country to another. Usually, this exam carries 40 to 60 questions. Most of the questions are asked in this exam related to the deployment of the server infrastructure and its planning. Apart from this, implementation and designing questions related to network infrastructure services are also asked in the exam.

What Is the Role of Microsoft Exam 70-413 and MCSE in Your Career?

As already mentioned above, Microsoft 70-413 exam is quite helpful in making your career grow. However, there are very few who understand that passing this exam also has a psychological effect on the mind of the candidate. In the world of IT, you need to keep your morale boosted with regular achievements in the form of certifications and earning an expert level certification is something which will make you feel your worth as an IT professional. 

Once you become certified in MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure then there is no turning back. The following two benefits of becoming MCSE certified will show you its importance:

1. Help you get better job opportunities

After passing the exams and gaining the certification of MCSE you can easily seek jobs in some of the reputed IT organizations and can ensure that you receive a good salary hike. Furthermore, this certification has international validation that helps you in getting absorbed in any of the reputed international IT organization. You can work with this certification anywhere across the globe and can earn a good salary package. You might think of it as a hyperbole, but it is not. This is a certification which is globally recognized and paves way for a successful career.

2. Enhances your knowledge

The skills that you possess get enhanced when you plan for becoming MCSE certified. The exams that you prepare to gain the certification are aimed at assessing your knowledge and capability as an IT professional in server infrastructure. You can earn the certification only if you have ample of knowledge about the fundamental concepts. This means for becoming certified you have to opt for IT tutorials and books. The best online platform you can rely on is Exam-Labs website. It offers you the best materials for exam preparation from study-guide to the useful articles on how to make your preparation more efficient. While preparing for 70-413 exam, pay your attention to Exam-Labs’ dumps. You can download them free and open on the VCE Player from Avanset. Since the exam dumps are the latest ones, and the VCE Software – the most modern, you significantly increase your chances to pass the exam successfully. In addition, on Exam-Labs website you can take a training course and a study guide, which means that you can get everything under one roof and hone your test-taking skills. And note, that when you study so much then it definitely improves your skills.


In a nutshell, one can say that Microsoft 70-413 is a very important IT exam that you must take seriously, as it is after passing this exam that you become MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure certified professional. If you are an IT professional, then make sure that you give importance to the 70-413 IT exam and prepare in the best way possible to become certified. You need to solve many practice test from the reliable web source, such as Exam-Labs and opt for Exam Testing Engine in addition to the IT training courses. This will make it certain that you pass the exam with flying colors.