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How Can You Get By When Times Are Tough?

When money’s running short and there are bills to be paid and mouths to feed, things can get pretty scary. But, you shouldn’t panic; just because you don’t have as much money as you’re used to, that doesn’t mean that the world is about to end. If money is tight and ties are tough, here are some t8ips on how to get buy.

Find out what you’ve got and what you need

Before you start dishing out what little money you have left, review everything you have. This includes money, food and valuable belongings. After that, tally up all of your necessary expenses. This includes taxes, utility bills, loan repayments, living expenses and debts. Now you should know exactly what you’ve got and what you need, which is going to help you put together a budget.

Pay what needs to be paid


Out of your list of expenses you should have an idea of which are the most important. Bills and taxes, for example, should never be overlooked for the sake of having a little extra money. If any payment is due then you need to pay it, otherwise you could suffer from some very serious and expensive consequences. If you don’t have quite enough money to pay your bills then you have a few options to consider. The first thing you should do is call up the person or company you owe money to and let them know about your situation. They might defer your payment until you can afford it or set up a more manageable payment plan while you get back on your feet. If this doesn’t work and you can’t come to an arrangement, a loan might be your last option. Leave your credit cards somewhere where you can’t reach them and consider peer-to-peer or same day payday loans to bite a chunk out of your debt. While these aren’t always the best options, they’re the best thing you can do when you’re out of options. Just make sure to take out only what you’re sure you can afford and look carefully at the terms of the loan before you apply for it.

Spend less, make more

Looking at the list of expenses you put together earlier, look at the most expensive and start thinking of ways to cut them down to a more manageable size. If your transport is costing you too much then consider carpooling, taking public transport, or simply walking or biking more often. Make not of your daily spending for a few days and see where you can cut costs. When it comes to making more money, you have a whole heap of options. If you have free time, you could consider doing some freelance, temp or part-time work to bulk up your income a little bit. You could also sell a few belongings that you can bear to part with. You also have volunteer work like completing online surveys, reviewing products and taking part in trials and research studies to get some quick cash if you’re low. Never stop looking for ways to save and make.