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How You Can Find Yourself Dealing with an Infestation

None of us really likes the idea that we share our home with bugs of varying sizes and shapes.  Sure, the odd spider doesn’t seem too bad or a moth, maybe an errant ant or two.  But the idea that there could be an infestation in your home brings on the inevitable itching when there’s nothing there.  So how do find yourself dealing with an infestation?

How they get in

There are always stories about someone finding this amazing (or terrifying) bug in their home but in most cases, there is a clear path as to how the bugs gained access that led to an infestation.  For example, they often hitch a ride on our trousers, shoes or anything else we bring in from outside.

Bed bugs are a classic example of an infestation that you walk into the house.  These attach themselves to a person, animal or an object to spread from home to home.  And contrary to stories, the cleanliness of the home has nothing to do with whether they arrive or not – it’s just simply bad luck that you find yourself needing bed bug treatment to get rid of them.

Weather conditions

Another reason you might find yourself dealing with an infestation is due to the weather.  Seasonal changes propel bugs to find somewhere new to live just like animals and birds do.  Bugs are adept at finding warm and dry places with sources of food and this very often means our homes.  With their ability to squeeze through the smallest gap, it makes it very difficult to combat the problem.

Fall is one time of the year when you might face a warmer blooded infestation too – mice and rats.  In areas such as California, rat infestations are on the increase due to the drought conditions.  Because the ground holds little water, the creatures find other sources and one of those can be our homes.

You invited them in

Sometimes our activities invite the bugs into our homes without realizing it.  By making places that are suitable for them, such as dark corners with boxes in them or piles of paper, we are almost inviting them into the house.  Even the outside of our homes can make the resident seem more appealing – bugs like termites and pill bugs love to see that covering used to prevent weeds from growing near doorways as it serves as a staging post for an invasion of your home.

So, while that itchy feeling in the middle of the night is most likely in your head, the problem of an infestation is real.  And if you think you have uninvited guests, you can always call out pest control experts to take a proper look for you.