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Can Dentistry Help Improve Your Smile and Your Confidence?

There are lots of things that can have a negative impact on confidence – a change in weight, hair or even your teeth can lower self-image and mean you are no longer as confident as before.  When the cause of this loss of confidence comes from your smile and the teeth behind it, dentistry can now offer help with a range of new treatments to boost your smile.

Six Month Smile

Smile Up are one Greenwich dentist who has brought a new treatment from the US that is dramatically helping people to improve their smile and boost their confidence accordingly.  The treatment is aimed at people who have twisted, uneven or crooked teeth or even gaps between individual teeth.

The idea behind the Six Month Smile is that the dentist works to target the specific teeth that affect a person’s smile and aims to straighten then quickly and safely.  The average treatment time is just six months – hence the name.

While the system does use braces, it involves a revolutionary new approach to them that means they are made from white braces, clear braces and nickel titanium wires meaning the whole system is much more discreet.  That way, people are less self-conscious when wearing them and the process of rebuilding confidence starts as the treatment does.

Diagnosing the problem

The first step to assessing if you can have this kind of treatment involves looking at your teeth as they stand using X-rays, scans, impressions and even photographs.  This helps dentists know if the teeth are healthy and if the treatment is suitable for you.  You can even tell the dentist if there is anything, in particular, you would like to change about your smile so they can see what is possible.

The braces are then custom made in labs in America to ensure they are a perfect match for your teeth.  They arrive with everything in place and the expert dentist then positions them using an adhesive that is secured using high-intensity light.  Regular short treatments are then needed to ensure the braces are working as required.

Follow up treatments

After the treatment period, a retainer is often used for a time afterwards to allow teeth to stabilise.  These can be removable to take out at night or bonded to the teeth to ensure they stay in place.  Your dentist will advise you going forward if any additional treatment may be required to ensure your smile continues to boost your confidence.