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Top 3 Saas Products for Employee Hour Tracking

Employee Hour Tracking

The business world runs at the speed of light all over the global. How can you possibly follow all your employees all over the world 24/7? Check out an anchor employee tracking Saas service and let your employee scheduling and timekeeping go automated. It’s so easy to put away your Excel spreadsheets and automate your employees’ scheduling availability, scheduling compliance and payroll. Let a Saas cloud employee tracking software do the hard work for you in a lot less time.

One of the most popular employee tracking SaaS providers is Buddy Punch. This software system allow you to monitor your employees in real time so they may record their time worked on any computer or portable device. The reports are automatically available in a number of different formats to make management easy for the accountant, human resources or an executive manager.

buddypunch employee tracking

Buddy Punch system keeps your timekeeping honest. A GPS stamp and facial recognition software make the timekeeping system honest. No more employee cheating on timekeeping.

Buddy Punch allows two types of employee management: tracking of clocking in and out as well as scheduling assistance. Then information is fed automatically to most popular accounting softwares for easy payroll processing.

Customers have nothing but good things to say about Buddy Punch. Donna Brewer of Farmers Insurance Agency explains. “We tried the rest, we went with the best… We tried several other companies, but none were as user friendly, flexible and on point as Buddy Punch.”

Anthony Loayza, owner of Paint A Part, explains how easily Buddy Punch allows his workers to track their time. “The QR punch option is great. My guys would not be able to remember a password, so just scanning a card works well,” he said. “Also great is the feature to take a picture of someone as they punch in so that we know they are actually on the job.”

Buddy Punch is available for a flexible fee depending on number of employees monitored.

Another great employee time tracking software is Shift Board. In addition to facilitating clock in and clock out, tracking schedules, and processing payroll, this services goes a little further. It allows employees to indicate their preferred schedule and request time off. Even more, management loves the additional communications tools offered.

Managers love the added communication features available on Shift Board. ‘Manager Alerts’ allow easy last minute communication with employees for emergencies, memos and emails too. Management loves the number of reports available on Shift Board and allows managers to make custom reports to meet their management needs. The software allows complete monitoring of employee onboarding for a number of industries too so all the required employee paperwork is right there on the app for a new employee to use.

Managers at Yale University just rave about the flexibility of the Shift Board softwares. Its usage has drastically cut the amount of time previously spend on scheduling. “I can easily schedule my student workers or allow them to pick up what shifts I want listed as available.”

Shift Board software is flexible so it allows easily tailoring for use in a wide variety of industries which makes it a very popular system.  Shift Board software fee is based on employees monitored.

Another favorite employee time tracking software is Humanity. The Humanity scheduling system goes further, it provides more employee training opportunities built into the system. Easily track employee availability and vacation requests, follow employee clock in and clock out, monitor absenteeism and punctuality right on board.

The training feature on Humanity is completely customizable. Create your own learning modules and upload them to the software for employee completion anywhere in the world and at any time of day. Easily onboard new employees, handle the new employee paperwork and start their learning journey.

Humanity system easily allows upload of legal and compliance documents and training modules necessary to meet your industry’s regulatory compliance and provide all to your employees anywhere in the world. This features gives your management the transparency necessary to easily meet the government and legal regulatory demands of your industry.

Humanity system also lets you share continuing education information with your employees.  Share the knowledge you want to grow your employees and do so all over the world and every time of day. Employees can continue to learn and hone their skills.

Humanity employee tracking software is a major time saver for many fields. Troy Pugeda, Operations Manager at Safeway, manages six Safeway stores in California. The old process for handling employee scheduling could take many hours as he had to call every employee personally to check their work availability. Using Humanity software, “I literally posted my shifts right now, it took me no more than five minutes to create a new schedule,” he said.

Humanity software allowed Pugeda to really manage his employees in multiple locations. “I can’t physically be at all six of my stores all the time, but Humanity is so efficient and convenient that I can manage all my locations from literally anywhere,” he said. “There are so many features available that help us in every phase of the staff management process.”

Humanity software is completely customizable for business needs and industry. The fee for service depends on the number of employees supervised with the software.

You can definitely see the possibilities for employee hours tracking and easy payroll using these new Saas softwares in this growing industry. It’s a definite WIN-WIN for every business owner to be able to put away the telephone and Excel spreadsheets and just allow a software system to handle most of the demands of scheduling, employee tracking, paperwork, and even training needs. Then automated system sends the reports directly to the accountant for quick payroll processing. Saas employee hours tracking softwares are a WIN-WIN for business owners and employees.

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