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Timeless Awards For Aspiring Gentlemen

Timeless Awards
Photo by Ariel Besagar on unsplash

Plaques: Timeless Awards For Aspiring Gentlemen

Timeless Awards
Photo by Ariel Besagar on unsplash

Have you ever received an award or plaque at work that represented the hard work that you do? How did it make you feel? I know when I receive something in recognition for my hard work, it makes me feel good inside. Walk around your office and see how many of these plaques or certificates you see other employees displaying; they display them because they care and are proud of what they have accomplished. These awards are timeless.  

Plaques, decorative pieces of wood, stone, glass, or metal with writing on them are given to recognize the hard work performed on the job. The Collins dictionary defines plaques as “a flat piece of metal or stone with writing on it which is fixed to a wall or other structure to remind people of an important person or event.”

If your the boss and are looking to recognize your employee’s dedication, there are so many choices in plaque choices. Nowadays, there is a distinct array of materials to choose from while designing plaques. They are quickly gaining popularity as one of the best ways to offer recognition, award accomplishments, and tell a story.

Today, you will find plaques designed to make a statement and are typically made from high-quality materials. In this article, we will shed some light on the different kinds of plaques that are available, and some of their uses.

Wooden Plaques

Plaques made of wood are one of the most used materials for designing because it is very easy to work with. It’s easily burned, etched, and printed over. Because its nature is easy to work on, it can be designed to have profiled corners. Most wooden plaques come in shapes like oval, rectangle, or shields. They are the most classic looking plaques because they can include metal plates engraved or screen printed over them. 

Wooden plaques can be designed to look rustic. Look at how Timeless creations made one. If you’re going for a more executive look, you’re better off choosing a stained plaque that has a brass plate engraved on it.

Wood types most commonly used to make wooden plaques include Teak, Black Walnut, Mahogany, and Maple. Wooden plaques are great for corporate awards, academic awards, and sports awards.

Glass Plaques

Timeless Awards Glass Plaque

Photo by Matt Seymour on unsplash

These are quite modern looking awards and are useful for employee appreciation, academic achievements, and corporate endorsement and recognition awards. They provide a modern look and can be very durable. However, they are also fragile and should be handled with great care. 

Glass Awards are considerably affordable and are great for appreciating the outstanding performance of your employees. If your business or company is on a tight budget, glass plaques could be what you’re looking for because they set you apart from any competition, while you spend significantly less. Use glass plaques if you would like to personalize your business or company image. 

Certificate Plaques

These are the most effortless and undemanding of all plaques. They are used for holding a certificate onto a frame. If you’d like a more eccentric option, go for laminated designs that ensure your certificate is safe and remains permanently sealed. 

You can have this kind of plaque designed in many different ways, with patterns engraved beautifully on the frame. They are a unique way for you to brag about your degree, business, or professional recognition, and also serve as a great way to recognize employee achievements.

Some of the benefits of giving plaques as corporate presents are that they can be designed and personalized to mark any event, or recognize a person in a way that will be remembered way into the future. 

Cast Plaques

Cast plaques are available in Bronze or Aluminium alloy. They are a great solution to life-long signage and can be used either for external or internal purposes. Cast plaques are useful for dedicating places or buildings, and to memorialize people and important events.

You will see cast plaques in government premises, universities, colleges, private memorials, hospitals, and even parks.

Perpetual Plaques

Try a perpetual plaque if you’re wondering how to honor and award your staff of the month, the year’s best supplier, or whichever award that you often give over time.

This award is designed to be hung in an area that is regularly visited. Perpetual plaques retain space for adding new names at given times. For example, you can hang perpetual plaques at your company reception area and display the name of the client service manager of the month, the most innovative team of the year, etc.  

If you are a member of a professional members’ club, the perpetual plaque can be a special way of remembering and celebrating members of the club who have passed on.

Stone Plaques

Timeless Awards Stone Plaque
Photo by Dmitry Mashkin on unsplash

These are usually made from high-quality premium stones such as marble and granite. They are chic plaques which let the beneficiary know that they are highly valued. Stone plaques are more pricey than other materials and quite heavy too, but their beauty far outshines their weight and cost. 

They are frequently designed for important and executive events. When cast, they become harder and can withstand cracking in cases of being dropped, stone are truly timeless awards due to its durability.  


Awards are a timeless tradition and the perfect way to publicly recognize those around us that have gone above and beyond.  Many organizations, clubs, corporations, and sports teams have large and small ceremonies to provide the recognition that is so deserved.  I hope this article inspires you to recognize those around you no matter if your the boss or simply recognizing your co-worker or volunteer at your charity.