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Live Gambling Vs. Virtual Gambling and Why You May Want to Change

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Live gambling of course is where it all started; gambling itself is perhaps as old as civilization itself. Only recently has there even been able to be a discussion of old vs. new, traditional gambling in places such as casinos versus the new virtual gambling and in many ways very different world of online gambling.

Live gambling is still the bigger industry by quite a bit margin, but online gaming seems to be more and more the wave of the future and is gaining ground quite quickly. Here are some of the many benefits of doing the gambling thing online:

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1) The comfort factor.

This one probably doesn’t bear too much explanation. No transportation expenses, money and time wasted in getting to and fro and/or parking. Not even time wasted walking from one area of the venue to another. Everything takes place from not even necessarily the comfort of your home. You could Play at Schmitts Casino in the middle of the German winter from the comfort of Miami Beach or Punta Del Este if you so desire. If you have the appropriate internet connection you can game online from your hotel room, from the beach, even from your favorite restaurant if you are so inclined to split your attentions in that manner. The point is, the choice is entirely up to you.

2) The regulatory factor.

This on the other hand is an absolutely overlooked and underrated aspect of online gambling, one which people don’t think about too much. You can do things in the online gambling world that are still technically legal that would not actually be legal in a brick and mortar casino where you live, or maybe in most of the world. That’s actually the whole point; neither the makers of the casino nor you personally have to worry about tons and tons of little local (sometimes going right down to neighborhood level) rules laws and ordinances that change or limit the way casinos operate. This is beyond obvious to say that this frees up developers to improve the gaming experience in ways that their traditional competition can’t even dream of.

3) The flexibility factor in Virtual Gambling.

This one is kind of related to the previous two. Basically, you have abilities in online gaming to do things like switch between games with a single click, pause what you’re doing and do something completely different for ten minutes and then come back, etc. This benefits you as a player as it puts the control of the environment back in your hands and gives you a whole new dimension of gaming that is by definition under your control.

Featured Photo by Colin Watts on Unsplash