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Kevin Rochay of the Rochay Group of Companies

Kevin Rochay of Rochay group
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Where do the Super Rich turn to get their advise? Well… in many cases, they approach other members of the exclusive Super Rich club! One such adviser is Kevin Rochay, Group Chairman and CEO of the Rochay Group of companies (including Rochay Elite which publishes the renowned Rochay Elite Magazine and Rochay TV, Channel for the Super Rich on AppleTV). His speciality is helping clients grow their wealth exponentially, by investing into ‘off-market’ assets and structuring deals directly.

Kevin’s story began back in the ‘DOT-COM’ era, when everyone was rushing to get their online presence before their competitors, at any cost. As a guest speaker at corporate banking seminars, Kevin would share his insightful knowledge of this new burgeoning technology, advising these FTSE companies to consider that quality consumers would be seeking the right products or services and that mere foot-fall was not enough.

At the time this advice was entirely averse to current trends and conflicted with the self-professing “experts” instruction, advising clients to obtain high volume hits as a sign of their popularity. However, Kevin’s mantra was unwavering – he insisted that commercial fundamentals should apply and that before any investment in a business, the company should have a unique product or service; strict controls on their burn rate and be completely focused on profitability. Furthermore, Kevin urged Institutional Investors not to invest if these commercial fundamentals were not adhered to, highlighting historical trends driven investments such as Tulip-mania, Telecoms and Fibre-Optics that resulted in tremendous losses for the investors. Unfortunately, many of the companies in the DOT-COM race failed to understand the necessity of quality hits or implement basic principals of business.

Then the DOT-COM Bubble burst! These same FTSE companies and Institutional Investors were left reeling with losses in the hundreds of millions. Kevin was hailed a visionary for possessing the foresight and the tenacity to warn clients of their impending doom. He quickly became hot property by Institutional Investors and majority shareholders that consisted of the global super rich. He soon became an adviser to many of the global super rich on off market assets.

Many years later, Kevin’s public profile remains low key, however, in the right circles, his influence is renowned. Kevin is currently working on a major commodity deal that would not only create great wealth for its investors, but also uplift impoverished individuals in developing countries.

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