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How to Choose to Outsource a Legal Transcription Service

How to Choose to Outsource a Legal Transcription Service
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Most people use around 150 words per minute when engaging in an average conversation. According to research published by a reputable source, humans forget approximately 50% of the information presented to them in an hour. By now, you have a clear view of how many words you can speak within an hour and how much information you can forget within the same hour. 

Fortunately, transcription services make it possible to convert spoken words into written text. This way, you can easily preserve essential data and access it later. Continue reading this article to find practical tips for outsourcing legal transcription services.

Tips on Outsourcing Legal Transcription Services

Below are some factors you must consider when choosing a source for a legal transcription service. These tips ensure you get the best quality whenever you need transcription services. Without further ado:

#6. Scalability Competence

Scalability competence is a phrase used to define an organization’s ability to deliver services even when the workload is increasing or expanding successfully. You should hire a transcription service company whose scalability competence is unquestionable. By doing so, you are guaranteed timely and quality service delivery during off-peak and peak seasons.

#5. Cost of the Transcription Service

A transcription service shouldn’t leave your bank account drained, so ensure that you only hire a company that provides this essential service at a reasonable price. Check on previous clients’ online reviews before hiring for this important service. To have a realistic price range on what you should expect to pay for the service, please do the following;

  • Select three reputable transcription services
  • Request for a quote
  • Compare the pricing while noting down what it is that makes them differ

#4. Privacy and Confidentiality

Most audio files contain sensitive information, which, when leaked to the public, can cause devastating consequences to the affected parties. Imagine having your patient’s medical history leaked to the public without their consent. As a healthcare professional, you risk getting sued for malpractice if your client’s information gets into the public domain without their permission. This issue can cause you to lose your practicing license. To avoid frustrations with leaked information, you should hire a transcription service provider who takes privacy very seriously. 

#3. Credibility and Qualifications of the Staff

You must establish the credibility and qualification of the transcription company staff before hiring their services. By doing so, you have the assurance of quality transcription services with minimal to zero irregularities. Below are some of the must-have qualifications of a transcriber:

  • A high school diploma from a recognized institution
  • Mastery in the field they are transcribing
  • Unquestionable reading and writing skills
  • Proficient typist

Extra tip: Choosing a transcriber with additional achievements, such as an associate’s degree or certificate in a relevant transcription field, will be valuable to you.

#2. Services Should Be Human-Generated

Machines will never supersede a human’s work in this field. It’s possible for a human being to know the correct context and usage of a single word with multiple meanings, which a machine will never be able to do. Additionally, humans can detect emotions and flawlessly add them to a text. So, ensure that you only choose transcription services that employ humans, not robots.

#1. Accuracy of More Than 99%

There is no point in having the data in the audio be a lot different from the written data. What is in the recording must be what is in the transcribed version. Hence, only hire transcription services that guarantee more than 99% accuracy.


Transcription services enable you to access spoken words for references in a quick, easy-to-scan way. During a legal transcription outsourcing process, it’s vital that you put the following factors into consideration: the cost and accuracy level, that your data is 100% transcribed by credible humans, and that the service provider has high scalability while guaranteeing the privacy of your data. Only then you’ll rest easy knowing that your data is in good hands and that you’ve partnered with a reputable transcription company for all your needs.

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