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Easy Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic

Easy Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic

Every new business owner has a lot to think about when they open the doors of their new start-up. Business owners can feel like they have a lot against them, especially with the figures that say almost half of all new businesses fail. Small businesses often have a fight on their hands to get their presence known in the digital world. Their budgets are smaller than their successful competition and the marketing teams are significantly smaller, meaning that less people are working to make the digital voice of the company heard.

There’s no getting away from technology nowadays. Everything is optimised to tablets and smartphones as well as websites on normal laptops and computers, which means that the demand for digital designers is high. Trying to carve out a piece of the market that is solely yours when you are starting a new website for your business is not easy but there are things you can do to help your company become a force in the market. Driving traffic to your website or company blog is important and one task that is often overlooked. You need to ensure that just because you’re getting the website clicks, that you are getting the right kind of traffic.

So, what is the ‘right kind’ of website traffic? You are a running a business, which means you offer a specific product or service to a specific customer or client. Getting traffic to your website through clicks on social media or via email links doesn’t mean that the people clicking are those who will be interested in what you are offering. These would be dead leads and aren’t going to be fruitful for your company. The right kind of traffic – which you can read about here – absolutely matters and you want to drive traffic from interested clients or customers so that your business can be profitable. Achieving the right engagement with your customers isn’t just about the right tactics, but meaningful consumer interaction. How can you do this?


  • Facebook: Most people forget that Facebook is more than just a social media platform. It may have started out that way, but you can clearly see how businesses have grown and evolved through the business pages and groups on Facebook. It’s a fantastic promotional tool for your company and you have the ability to use Facebook for remarketing audiences. You can choose to use tracking pixels on your site, meaning you can keep marketing to the customers who have visited you in the past. Never heard of tracking pixels? That’s okay – time to read here! It’s a smart way to encourage and increase traffic to your business website from the right people.
  • Headlines: The way you advertise is important. You need to spend enough time on your advert headlines as this is the bit that will capture the attention. With the wrong kind of headline, you are potentially putting people off from your business. It doesn’t matter whether you are running your ads on Facebook or other social media platforms, or even pay per click, you need to make sure that your advert headlines can grab the eye of the right audience.
  • Company blog: Blogging is an excellent tool for your company. The voice of your company is projected through your blog and you can really drive traffic with it if you blog often enough. Outside companies can help you drive more people to your website by helping you to understand how you can use the right backlinks to bring people to your blog. By posting ten times a week instead of twice, you can gauge far more interest in what you are saying as a company. People want to know what you are selling and why but unless you are shouting it from the rooftops they won’t be able to find you.
  • Referrals: Referral traffic can make a decent profit and reach out to more people. Rather than persuading people to link to you, create some amazing content that they WANT to feature. Content is important, people pay attention to it.
  • Social media promotion: So, we’ve mentioned blogs and driving traffic, but using social media to promote new blog posts is a smart way to get people interested. In the last year or so, Facebook has made cuts to their organic reach, meaning that social media business posts on business pages are not being seen naturally. This is where you need to invest a little of that marketing budget and have a campaign running almost constantly that feature your blogs. You’ve put the time into writing the blogs for your website, it would be a shame if no one saw them! You can customise your audience here so that you are able to directly target the people you want to see your company.
  • SE-Oh: All the buzzwords for driving traffic and online marketing are hard to get your head round if you are unfamiliar with them. There are specialist companies like theHOTH SEO that can help you understand how to make your company website look the best it can be. Manipulating search-engine rankings is not as popular as it used to be so polishing your website should come first. All time spent on fixing up your SEO is never wasted time.
  • Work With Others: It’s important to play nicely with your competition, even though they’re your competition. Search out other websites like your own and exchange blog posts with them. Take turns in featuring each other’s articles on your websites and linking back to the site. You’ll be sharing ideas and content but you’ll also be gaining new customers to your own site. It’s win-win to support others in your own industry.
  • Display ads: Social media isn’t just for articles and blog posts. When you scroll through Facebook, for example, you’ll notice adverts that you can click on to take you through to another site. Perhaps they’ve caught your eye and look interesting to you. By investing in display ads like banners you can be under the eye of your customers without them even realising. Don’t forget that sharing is caring, and the more people who benefit from one of your adverts, the more they will share it on and show the world what they got from you. This can only serve to bring more profit and awareness to your company.
  • Paid Search: SEO is one way to drive new traffic to your website, but using Google AdWords and other similar pay per click (PPC) options is smart. You put some of your marketing budget into certain keywords and you are bringing more people to your site.
  • Influencers: By engaging with influencers in your industry you can increase your own reputation. This way you can reach more people. Always choose your influencers wisely; you want to ensure that the people who follow them are part of your market. There’s no good engaging with others if you won’t benefit from it.


  • Community: Every company needs to have a platform for their customers to engage with their brand. For customers to engage with each other, you’ll need an online forum. This will mean they can come back to discuss the next product to buy, to get reviews and also pass on the good things about your company. As a company, you get valuable feedback and are able to engage with your customers at their level and discuss with them any issues.
  • All of these options are effective ways to drive the best traffic to your website and to your blog. You want the right people to be pushed to your company website rather than random clicks. It’s important to understand that in online marketing, it’s not just the number of people who see the ads you put out there, but the number of clicks and visits to your site you get. Succeeding online means proving that your business has what people need and this means quality traffic over random. The user experience for your website is important to keep increasing sales and new customers. For every new customer you receive to your site, they’ll be telling their friends and colleagues about you and sharing you on – this is how you can grow as a company.Sending the right message to the wrong people is a pitfall that a lot of companies fall into in their first year of business. The right traffic will save your marketing budget in the long run, and eliminating the campaigns sending you the wrong traffic is going to do better for your business and your finances. Pouring your money into driving the right traffic? That’s the key! Don’t let your company fall into a marketing trap. Understand your target market and optimise your website to that market to save yourself money, gain sales and make a wider profit margin. After all, every new start-up wants to make a profit.