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Becoming A Better Manager: The Tricks Of The Trade

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When you are working as a manager, you can often get stuck with the same habits that you have developed throughout your working life. Work can become routine, and whether you are managing a small team or managing your own company, there are basic principles for being able to become a better manager, and I thought I would share with you some of the tricks of the trade that could see you improve your management skills.

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Take on extra courses and skills

One of the first things you can consider doing is taking on extra courses and skills in management. There is more to it than just being able to get your job done. It is about having the right people skills and implementing knowledge from yourself to others in areas like sales and time management. This is when something like a Online BBA in Management could be really beneficial. It will help you to developers the skills you need to be able to manage people successfully, without having a detrimental effect on your business.

Listen more

It may be a little obvious, but listening is one of those things that doing more of could help you to be a better manager. People are forever giving you their opinion, their feedback and also their criticisms. Having the right level of skill to listen to it all, take it on board and ultimately put it into action is actually easier said than done. Listening is actually a great skill to have as a manager, and while you can’t necessarily learn it, you can proactively improve your way of doing it.

Be open minded and approachable

Nobody wants to work for someone that they feel they can’t talk to or approach in any way. Again it doesn’t tend to be a skill that you can learn, but you can be aware of your mannerisms and be a lot more open minded than perhaps you have been in the past. This is when you might want to think about how approachable you really are. Sometimes a change in the tone of your voice and how you speak to people can be enough to have their opinion on you changed for the better.

Don’t expect too much

Finally, we can all be guilty of expecting too much, so try and have an air of being realistic. Being real can actually help you to develop targets and goals for your team that might be more achievable to them in terms of their capability. This then increases their level of motivation and desire to succeed, which in turn helps your team’s sales to grow or the business to continue moving forward. It has a positive knock on effect and it isn’t anything too drastic in terms of a change to your management style. You are just being more realistic with your approach, and it could offer much better results.

I hope that these tips help you to improve your management skills.