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6 Best Cities for Investment Property Opportunities

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6 Best Cities for Investment Property Opportunities

Home prices continue to rise across the United States. While this isn’t exactly good news for home-buyers, it’s a golden opportunity for would-be real estate Investment Property Opportunities.

Whether looking to own rental properties or finding homes to fix and flip for a quick profit, those interested in real estate investment should strike while the iron is still hot. With that said, the U.S. is a pretty big place. Every city and region is different, with some presenting better property investment opportunities than others. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the best cities for finding investment property opportunities:

Las Vegas

Don’t let the nickname “Sin City” fool you – Las Vegas is home to millions of ordinary families, each in need of a good place to live. What’s more, the population continues to grow. Property investors can safely zero in on rental properties for long-term gains or house-flipping for a swifter path to profit. Adding to the allure is the availability of hard money loans Las Vegas investors can access, which makes financing an investment property project a fast and straightforward process.

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Located on Florida’s Gulf Coast, Tampa and her surrounding cities are an economic stronghold on all fronts. The population keeps growing, and so does the rate of employment growth. These factors make Tampa a very attractive place for finding great property investment opportunities.


Available data has placed Orlando at the top of the best places to invest in property for three years in a row. The population and employment growth both continue to climb. Home to world-famous theme parks and resorts, Orlando enjoys a booming economy with no signs of slowing down any time soon. In short, O-Town is a safe bet for those who want to invest in property.

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Similar to the other cities on the list, Seattle has seen steady population growth and job growth year after year. In fact, Seattle ranks highest in terms of these figures. This adds up to home values increasing by over 10%! While housing costs are high, investors are still likely to find their properties, making them money for the foreseeable future.

San Antonio

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and the population growth of San Antonio certainly lives up to that reputation. The same can be said for the city’s economy. San Antonio is especially ideal for condo investment opportunities, but investing in traditional housing is also a safe bet.


Did we say San Antonio’s population growth helped the city live up to the Lone Star State’s reputation for largeness? It turns out Austin – that’s right, the artsy little sibling of Texas’s more major cities – has had even greater growth in recent years. Austin is a great place for investing in rental properties, so those interested in long-term real estate investments would be wise to stake their claim in the state capital.

The post-Great Recession housing market has never looked better for investment opportunities. But this trend won’t last forever. What’s more, only a handful of American cities have the economic strength and growth potential to justify real estate investment for the foreseeable future. Nowadays, it is also easy to find real estate investment leads. Those interested in getting into property investment have every reason to do so, as long as they stick to the right markets and make the right moves along the way.