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Homeware Ideas for Decorating Your Bachelor Pad

Homeware Ideas

The internet is filled with décor and homeware ideas for women. Places like Pinterest and Instagram are chock full of ways to decorate your hallways with flower walls and canopy beds. But when it comes to designing a bachelor pad, it can seem as if there’s half the creativity with double the space to fill.

Luckily, trends such as the art deco and vintage resurgence in home decor is providing more nuanced living spaces for both men and women alike. Here are a few ideas for personalizing your pad (but please, leave the liquor bottles in the bin where they belong):

Mini bars

mini bar

If you plan on hosting any larger group or more intimate gatherings at your home, a mini-bar is a must-have for any bachelor’s apartment. Places like Crate & Barrel and Ikea have several different varieties of mini-bars in all different sizes depending on your living space.

Wooden, stationary mini bars exude a more masculine presence while smaller ones on wheels are more minimalist and retro, often coming in colors such as white or metal. It is the perfect addition to a household and emits “adult living space.”

Fish Tank or Aquarium

Perhaps a bit more high maintenance than most décor, fish tanks are a beautiful addition to homes, especially those with a more spacious layout. Gorgeous and extremely modern, fish tanks due include live animals and therefore are a commitment. Speak with your local pet store to find out the best way to care for your aquatic pets. You will need to provide your aquarium with a fish tank filter and the right sort of water for the breed you choose.

There are several places to put your aquarium in such as between rooms, acting as a wall or even as the foundation for your kitchen counters. For a more opulent estate, you may even wish to have your aquarium serve as the foundation to your coffee table or above the fireplace.

Creative Lighting

Maybe you have already set up all the required things that make your decorations perfect but without having creative lighting, it all will be nothing. Lighting adds value to your space as well as decoration so you need to make sure you have some creative lighting equipment that completes your decoration. You can use table lamps, wall lights, and many more according to your need and budget.

Try some creative lighting products based on levitation technology like a floating light bulb from Floately. Floately is a world-known brand for its lighting products and equipment which are completely based on levitation technology and Volta floating light bulb is being one of them. The main feature of this bulb is that it levitates and spins with elegant grace and will last years to come. Levina is also a great source if you are looking for a floating light bulb.

 Games and Entertainment

Especially great for the more playful of personalities, entertainment stations such as air hockey or foosball tables lend a more relaxed air to your home. Guests or your roommates can amuse themselves by picking up a paddle or pool cue and start a friendly game of ping pong or pool to pass the time by.

These additions can be particularly handy for parties or social events hosted at your home, giving a more upbeat and fun-loving vibe without becoming too disruptive of your nearby neighbors.

Record Players & Music

For the avid music lover, this is a must-have. While admittedly somewhat pricey, record players are entering back into mainstream territory as more and more places are selling current albums on vinyl. If you want to harken back to earlier times, having a record player in your home is both a classic and beautiful addition to any apartment.

Places such as Barnes & Noble and Urban Outfitters now carry newly released albums on vinyl, and old-time record stores can still be found in corners of big cities and small towns if you know where to look. And of course, like with everything else, there is always Amazon. With vintage making a comeback in a big way, you will seem up on all the trends while also adding your own personal touch through your record collection.


A good rule of thumb when it comes to decorating a home is to make it personal to your interests and hobbies. If you are a gym nut, clear out a space for your equipment. If you love to play music, display your instruments with beautiful cases and holders. If you are an expert in the kitchen, look for creative ways to store your appliances and utensils.

The more you incorporate your personal style into decorating, the more at home you will feel.

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