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4 Top Forex Robot Providers to Choose in 2021

4 Top Forex Robot Providers to Choose in 2021
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Since the introduction of forex robots and expert advisors, forex trading has become easier for a large section of traders. These highly automated trading robots have eliminated the need of spending countless hours in front of a trading terminal while being under stress associated with manual trading. With the help of fx robots, trading can be done without the influence of human emotions, particularly fear and greed. 

While there are a lot of individual forex robot products out there, many people prefer these software programs to be developed by legitimate software development teams. Various forex software providers have started to provide forex robots and signals to capture this growing demand for automated trading services. In this article, we will include 4 of the best forex robot providers to use in 2021. 

1. BinBot Pro

BinBotPro is a forex robot that is specially designed for binary options. It uses market insights and metrics along with its advanced analysis techniques to generate a continuous stream of profitability that can reach as much as 125%. With BinBotPro, you get access to more than ten other bots which trade with one currency pair each. Even if it’s automated, BinBot Pro provides a certain amount of control over a trader’s funds. You can control certain aspects of trades, such as the number of trades that it can engage simultaneously and the amount of capital committed to every trade session. 

2. CentoBot

CentoBot is a forex provider which provides multiple forex robots that specialize in trading forex and cryptocurrency assets. It also provides a unique feature of letting the user create his/her own forex robot as well. CentoBot is partnered with four brokers, namely IQCent, RaceOption, VideForex, and BinaryCent.With CentoBot, traders can get access to eight fx pairs and ten cryptocurrencies such as USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and others. A minimum deposit of $250 is advised. They provide a great customer support service through online chats and an email option. 

3. 1000Pip Climber 

1000Pip Climber is an EA provider which uses a 100% rule-based algorithm which is more of a signals provider. It sends signals via email, push notification, or via the terminal itself. All you have to do is easily set it up, and it will run in the background. It breaks away from the industry staple model for paying month on month for memberships and subscriptions by offering a one-time payment cost. You can get a license for $299, making it one of the most affordable alternatives available in the market. 

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4. Forex Fury

Forex Fury is a forex robot that ensures a 93% trading success rate with a 20% drawdown. It is compatible with MT5 and MT4. The robot works on both demo and live accounts coming from trusted and secure brokerages. It offers two forex robots: Gold and Diamond. The Gold account comes with one live account license, unlimited demos, free updates, high-performance settings, and a lifetime membership for just $229.99.  The diamond comes with an extra license for $439.99. Their services are complemented by a super-responsive support team. 


Forex robot providers are helping the novice and experienced traders by providing them a range of options within an affordable price range. However, there are many developers who are out there just to entice and scam unsuspecting traders. This is why you must conduct a detailed background report on the developers and providers themselves, including the person behind them and their past records. Working with the right forex robot provider will help traders effectively churn out gains while having a lot of options open for them. 

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