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4 Most Influential Tech Trends of the 2010s

As the world evolves with new things being invented on a regular basis, the tech industry has not also been left behind too. There are plenty of gadgets and devices that are being produced and upgraded to meet the user’s needs and to make our lives comfortable as well. Well, from all the different tech gadgets that are available at our disposal there are those gadgets that will always stand out from the rest. This is due to the features available on the devices and how they impact our lives at large. The following are the four most influential tech trends of the 2010s.

The iPad

This gadget has come to replace the use of laptops and PCs thanks to its light weight and portability built. With an iPad, you can do almost everything that a PC can do. From browsing, reading e-books, saving and downloading your documents, and even doing other light works from the office.What makes an iPad to be preferred over other devices like the laptop is the fact that, it has small built that does not require you to buy a considerable carrying bag, you can use an iPad from anywhere including in a bus without distracting other passengers. And it is also more comfortable to use in various places like at the sofa as and bed since it operates just like a smartphone or a tablet.


A couple of years back Facebook was not as popular as it is now. This is because apart from being used as a social media platform where people could link up and communicate, now even marketers have realized the need to use Facebook as a marketing platform. Another thing that makes Facebook to stand out from other forms of social media platforms is the new settings that have been installed such that one gets the opportunity of sharing the kind of information that they want to be seen by the outside world.

Vaping devices

Since marijuana was legalized in some parts of the world, this led to the invention of different vaping devices which has made it easy for marijuana lovers to enjoy their smoking moment. E-cigs are preferred over marijuana since they are more handy and legal in most countries. They can be smoked with different flavors as well. The vaping devices come in two forms which are the portable and the vaping table device. The portable ones are easy to carry around while the table devices are stationed.


Google is one stop shop for everything that you need. If you are looking for an E-commerce website, Google will help you find the best in your region. If you need to market your product or look for information online, Google is the right search engine to look for. Google has also come up with a store where people can purchase various device applications such as the music and games from the google play store. Aside from these you can easily find your location or find a place that you would like to visit with the use of Google map.

The above four are the most influential tech trends that are rapidly growing day in and out, and it shows that even some years to come, these trends are still going to be upgraded due to the high demands from the consumers.