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3 Simple Home Renovation Projects and the Tools You Need

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3 Simple Home Renovation Projects and the Tools You Need

Are you tired of the way your home looks? Do you walk in the door and just want to turn around and walk right back out? It doesn’t have to be that way. If your home is boring you or doesn’t feel like home anymore, you might just need a change and start your home renovation projects. While you may not have the money or time to completely redo your home you can definitely engage in these simple home projects that will help your home to feel more refreshing and new.

interior design
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1 Get a Fresh Coat of Paint

A quick coat of paint can work wonders. Changing the color of a room can make it feel like a completely different space and it could be just the change you need to feel reenergized. If you end up not liking the new color that you picked, then you can just change it again. Painting is relatively inexpensive and impermanent making it the perfect project if you don’t really know what you want or if you just want to experiment.

The best part is that this easy fix requires hardly any tools or experience at all. All you’d need to get started is a couple of cans of paints, a paint roller, paintbrush, paint tray, tape, and tarps to lay on the ground. The paint rollers should be used for the large spaces while the bushes can be used in the corners, around the baseboards, and by the ceiling.

2 Update Your Window Treatments

The amount of natural light that is let into a room can greatly affect the mood of all who enter the space. If you’re not getting enough light it can be dark and dreary whereas if you’re getting too much light it may be uncomfortable and lacking privacy. A very simple fix for either of these problems is to change your window treatments to something that better suits your needs.

There are a number of different types of window treatments and a variety of ways they can be installed, but the easiest is likely hanging curtains. Curtains can give the room a more sophisticated look and if hung in a certain manner they can even make the room look taller. Some tools you will need for this endeavor are a tape measure, stud finder, level, drill, hammer, screws, wall anchors, and the curtain rod. Luckily most curtain sets you can find at hardware or home improvement stores include all the screws and hardware you will need.

Window Treatments
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3 Change Your Molding

Molding and trim is one aspect of home décor that is often overlooked. However, these small accents can completely alter the look of the entire room. They are also a much simpler fix than changing cabinets or flooring, but they still make a noticeable impact.

If you are looking to install molding yourself here are some tools you may need: a miter saw, level, tape measure, hammer, coping saw, stud finder, drill, clamps, caulk gun, nails, molding, caulk, wood putty, and a finishing nailer. If you’re handy with housework, then you will likely already have most of these tools. The one that you may not have and will be the biggest investment would be the miter saw. Learn more about which model may be the best choice for you before spending a significant amount of money.

Home Renovation Projects

These three simple fixes can be accomplished in a weekend or less and are great options for creating change without breaking the bank. Your home should be where you feel most comfortable. It should also reflect you. If these things don’t apply to you right now, then you may want to try one of the above suggestions to get your house feeling more like a home to you. Even if other things in your life are spinning out of your control, you can at least control the look and feel of your own home which might not be a bad place to start.