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Build Your Career from Zero: What Field to Choose and How to Become Successful?

What Field to Choose and How to Become Successful?
What Field to Choose and How to Become Successful?

Are you wondering what the recipe for professional success is? Do you want to know what steps should be taken to make your career gain pace? Following a few simple suggestions will make it seem like a manageable process. You just need to have willingness and motivation. 

We will cover how to make a career step by step to become the best in your industry.

The Sooner, the Better!

You should start planning your professional career in high school before making the final decision regarding the field of study. This is one of the first and most important steps in career development.

How to Choose a University? 

Choosing the right field of study is a personal choice. In this case, do not be guided by the opinions of friends or family – let it be your own decision, as it is all about your future. The profile of your studies should be closely related to your interests and passions. 

Is It Always Worth Choosing a Well-Paid Position?

Everything depends on the skills and talents you have. One of the well-paid jobs are lawyers, doctors, programmers, and economists. As you can see, they are mostly material sciences that require many sacrifices and a few years of rigorous learning. 

If your knack is humanities and in the future, see yourself as a writer or journalist, then choosing a field of study only because of the profitability of the profession will be the worst possible solution. 

Anyway, no matter what major or place you choose, there will be a critical and tiring admission process ahead. Don’t let it upset or stop you. 

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The Highest Paying Jobs in the World

In any profession, you can become a highly paid specialist, by improving your skills, continually developing and learning new things, and gaining unique knowledge. 

Everything changes in this world: new technologies appear, the needs of humankind change all the time. And regularly compiled ratings also reverse depending on various reasons, including political ones. A particular profession may be in the top lines of all ranks, and in five years, does not even appear on the same lists.

Therefore, when choosing a job, you should put your abilities and interests first. Enthusiasm for the work will yield immeasurably more than high income.

If your work is a joy, you will live interestingly, vividly, and intensively. The pleasure from the working process will certainly lead to career growth. 

Here is a list of high paying jobs around the world for 2019:

  • Surgeon
  • Anesthetist
  • Senior manager
  • Pilot
  • Dentist
  • Market analyst
  • Lawyer
  • IT specialist
  • Advertising manager
  • Breeder and gene engineer
  • Software sales

Now, let’s continue to the list of handy tips that will benefit any aspiring individual.

Don’t Make Hasty Decisions. 

If you are thinking about changing the industry, give yourself some time to analyze the options available. Review your possibilities and make a list of professions that interest you. Read about each of them. Browse some companies that operate in the niche. 

Talk to people who know the industries you choose. Think about what you want to do in life. Give yourself at least two months for a good and detailed analysis, then select the industry and profession.

Create an Image

Find a time and a place where no one and nothing will distract you. Forget about childhood, about “it’s what they do,” about loans and rent, about your education, diplomas and other qualifications. Forget about many years of experience in the profession; forget about everything. 

Just imagine that you have already found a dream job, no matter at this stage, what it is called. Take a piece of paper (it’s better to write by hand than typing because then special neural connections of the brain are working) and describe: how do you imagine yourself in the future?

Prepare a Career Plan

Do you think it’s childish to plan your future? Not at all, setting goals and working through the steps is what you need to achieve them. 

While preparing your plan, keep these factors in mind. Answer such vital questions as how many years you want to spend in any position, what are you going to do in a few months or years, etc. Set a date to start looking for a new job and then implement your plan.

Do Your Research

Find the books that will allow you to build a substantive foundation for necessary skills. Make a list of blogs that will enrich you with the latest trends and expert insights. Start reading, preferably every day, and take notes. 

Learn the material as if you were studying for an exam at school. Take this point seriously – a solid substantive basis is a key to let you being employed in the right company later. 

Follow the Top Companies in the Industry

Do a thorough analysis of websites, in particular, job opportunities. Read service descriptions, call and ask for details, and see how these entities work and what they focus on. 

This way, you will learn what is essential in the industry, what are the key competitive factors, and what knowledge and skills employers seek in candidates.

Compose a Unique Cover Letter

Briefly describe your story and write honestly why you care so much about working in this industry. List what you have already done, and present yourself as an ideal candidate for this position.

Describe your previous experience and write what did you learn there. Be honest and confident. The better you prepare yourself, the higher the chances that despite starting from zero, you will be able to get a job in a new industry.

Define Control Points and Deadline

During your planning, set dates, and incremental goals. Are you planning a specific step for a specific day? You need to consider these points, add them to the calendar, and do not forget to control the process! Utilize your social network if in doubt, leaning on those around is a big confidence builder.  

There are also special services that can send you reminder letters. And there are services where you do set not only a goal but also indicate the monetary downside if you do not reach it. The funds will go to charity, and you will have an additional incentive. The higher the amount, the more motivation you have.

What Should You Do to Make Work a True Calling for You?

You must discover your professional mission and take the necessary actions to stick to it. Then, no matter what position you choose, it will become a true calling for you.

A professional mission is an overarching goal that must attract you, motivated you to act, and push you towards the future you want. 

You may ask now: what do you have to do to discover and define your professional mission?

You must gain true self-awareness and discover:

  • your passions;
  • values;
  • talents;
  • strengths and professional predispositions;
  • realize your unique knowledge, internal and external resources;
  • Identify the qualities of other people that you want to cooperate with.

Final Words

Do not stand still, develop, and educate yourself. If you can take part in training and courses – expand your knowledge and gain new skills and experience. Then your name will be known!

Development never ends. The process goes in a spiral: Plan – Do – Check – Act. Each turn becomes more significant. This cycle repeats over and over again; just every turn is one level higher than the previous one.