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Easy Steps to Styling Your Bachelor’s Pad

Styling Your Bachelor's Pad
Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay

What do you think of when you hear the term “bachelor pad?” Probably a messy couple of rooms decorated with strewn about empty pizza boxes, sports memorabilia, supermodel calendars, remote controls, and college dorm-type furniture. Well, nowadays, men care so much more about the first impressions that their “cribs” make on the ladies, family members, and even the mailman!

Styling Your Bachelor's Pad
Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay

Designers know this, too, and have taken a different approach to male-inhabited territories than they have in the past. There are many color schemes, works of art, pieces of furniture, and window dressings that can be combined to create a swinging bachelor paradise that is also welcoming and warm. Here is a step-by-step guide to getting your pad together:


There are many avenues that you can take when approaching the walls of your bachelor pad. Of course, your first choice is to simply paint them. If you think that a plain, dark-colored wall will make your space appear smaller than it already is, it may, but it will also makes it feel cozier.

Some of the most common hues for a man’s lair are also some of the most traditional. You may picture browns and greens, however, if you want to incorporate elements of high design, consider royal purple or fire engine red, instead. Just avoid light purples that look more like lilac or red shades with undertones of pink. These appear more feminine.

Gray is the most popular bedroom color for men. It is actually gender neutral, so it will still be appropriate if your new lady friend decides to move in, plus it is calming, mellow, not too energetic or somber, and matches practically anything.

There are other options to think about if a solid color seems boring to you. You can try an interior, exposed brick façade, which looks awesome paired with industrial details such as those found in a loft, or you can consider a throwback to wood paneling (just not the tacky 1970s staple most are used to).

There are other cool things to try, too! How about a zany, patterned wallpaper for fun measure, or chalkboard paint that can be used to jot down reminders? You can also hang some shelving with an industrial design to display your favorite books. You can get really creative with this!


Lighting is not only essential to any living space, it can also be used to add decorative pieces in lieu of art, and it can easily accentuate your walls and other areas of your living space.

You can try industrial-themed lamps like one that is made from pipes or tools to match an exposed brick wall. Or, you can hang pendant lights from above which work wonderfully with high ceilings. Recessed lighting adds subtle charm, oversized floor lamps bring a dramatic flair, or you can even try wall lamps, placed in a row, one right after another. The possibilities are endless.


You have many options when it comes to flooring your bachelor pad. And while dark wood flooring is still very popular right now, and a classic choice, it is not your only possibility.

First, tile floors are making a huge comeback, and they are being installed in all areas, not just kitchens and bathrooms as they had been in the past. Some even mimic hardwood for good measure. The classic tile look works well in a game room or entertainment area.

Epoxy floors are a very hot and trending flooring option nowadays. They can be polished and come in any color and design. If you’re in the Central Florida area, contact IBEX Flooring for exceptional epoxy flooring.

Another idea is the new take on concrete floors. Interior concrete floors look gorgeous when they are polished up. And, while they can get cold underfoot in the winter, a nice throw rug should remedy that easily.



There are a couple of staples that you simply must have to make your place feel like a true home while still adding sophisticated style. For example, you will need a large, roomy sofa to seat your friends for discussions over coffee, or just to cuddle with that someone special while watching a movie.

Your sofa should be the centerpiece of your living room, so your fabric choice is especially important. Worn-in textures like leather are the pinnacle of masculinity, but you should also consider alternative fabrics such as velvet, linen, and boucle. Because leather costs in excess of $250 per hide, these substitute fabrics are a much better choice for the bachelor on a budget. Remember, sofas are best in classic colors like cobalt blue, brown, and gray.

Try adding to your décor tailored looks like soft button tufts. You can also add nail head detail to dress up a sofa that may not be as elaborately decorated. Just use a trusty mallet to knock the nails into place. This also works well for converting basic chairs and bar stools.

Then, when shopping for a coffee table, remember it is more than just a place to set your magazines, remote, and cell phone; it should make a statement! You should pair your new sofa with a modern coffee table if it’s a more rustic or traditional piece. Or, conversely, look for a timeless table to accompany a more exotic sofa. The contrast will seem streamlined, yet personal and warm.

And, the bachelor’s bedroom would not be complete without a pallet platform bed. You can build it yourself in any manner that you choose! Try a floating platform bed built from walnut and upholstered with black leather. The modern look would be a welcome addition to any manly boudoir.


Many bachelors feel that it is a masculine statement to leave windows bare, citing that window treatments are a bit too girly for their tastes, however, window treatments are gender-neutral and are necessary for any home. They reduce noise and light and insulate spaces from the outside. There are many masculine patterns and colors to choose from, such as rough textures, metallics, geometric shapes, plaids, tartans, and even pinstripes. Some even have tailored pleats to add a bit of style to otherwise plain, solid-colored drapery.

When choosing your fabric, be sure that it is labeled “drapery weight” because upholstery fabric can be much too heavy. If you are looking to add light-blocking qualities to your curtains, lining them is a better option. This can also help with the tailored folds and allow them to hang freely without fanning out in an unattractive manner. Also, the typical blackout liner eliminates 100% of sunlight from a room.


Your furniture can take on completely different looks and themes depending on how they are accessorized. If your furniture is solid-hued, you can change up your look economically by simply purchasing throws, pillows, and blankets in different patterns. A cashmere blanket in plaid draped over the sofa or a couple of paisley pillows strewn about can make all the difference. Also, abstract art goes well in almost any room, especially if you match the colors to the shades of your furniture while contrasting them with the surrounding walls.

There is also a plethora of cute accessories that you can add to your shelves and walls to let your guests know exactly who you are, such as a pair of vintage boxing gloves that can clue your pals into your secret fighting obsession. Or, your very first baseball or soccer ball as a way of focusing on old, personal mementos. How about a door stopper that looks like a man’s shoe dipped in gold? You can even hang your bicycle on your wall because it doesn’t just make a cool decoration, it’s also a great way to keep it safe and secure.

Do you enjoy entertaining? How about an outdoor grill to barbecue for pals with a built-in ice drawer to keep your beer chilled? Or, would you rather a bar cart that looks similar to a vintage leather trunk? Hosting can be a breeze with the right equipment, such as a three-in-one pool table that converts to a hockey table or a game of Foosball.

And, don’t forget that your place will need to small its best, as well (especially the bathroom). Add a candle with a masculine musk such as tobacco, leather, or a deep, woodsy smell.

Gadgets and Tech

Cool gadgets are crucial to any respectable bachelor pad. This is not limited to cell phones and tablets. You will also need to bring out the big guns, such as high-quality speakers that look as good as they sound.

You’ll need a state-of-the-art home entertainment system, with a large television and stereo, so you can entertain guests for hours. And, whether you are using your living room as an at-home movie theater, or dancing the night away at a house party, this will make a great investment! You can add some additional shelving nearby or get a bookcase to display your CDs and DVDs, too. Let your guests get to know you through your taste in music and movies.

And, to make sure everything is in perfect working order at all times, a USB power outlet is a must. Whether you are charging your devices, or connecting them to use in conjunction with one another, it’s a great gadget to have. You should also grab yourself a WI-fi-enabled switch. Using your smartphone or tablet, you will be able to control almost all of your electronic devices.

In conclusion, bachelor pads can be difficult even for the most talented among us to decorate appropriately. However, the trick is to make the space a representation of the person who will inhabit it. His hobbies, taste in art, favorite colors, and entertaining style should all be on display for his friends and family to see. As long as your place tells a story about you, you can’t go wrong, so use these tips to get started today.

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