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Acupuncture and Acupressure…. Hidden Godsends For Your Chronic Pain

Statistics say that over half of Americans have chronic pain of one kind or another. This is a surprising number, and it’s even more cause for worry when you find out that this statistic has been steadily climbing and appears to continue to be on the rise.

Americans have a lot of faith in traditional medicine, and although alternatives are gaining popularity, this remains very true. I don’t want to knock Western medicine at all because I think it’s a very valuable asset to modern society and certainly has even once could say a pride of place. But there are some areas where alternatives shine and should step up more to the forefront.

Acupuncture and acupressure have been around for literally millennia, and are known for their effectiveness at dealing with chronic body pain. Obviously, an expert in the area is key, but it doesn’t hear to learn to check for acupressure points on your own. Not only will you have more knowledge to bring in to the actual professional when the time comes for your appointment, you may even obtain quite a surprising degree of relief on your own!

How do acupuncture and acupressure feel? It’s hard to describe in words, but people who have had it all say the same two things. Yes, there is pain, but at the same time it’s an incredibly pleasant pain. It has with it the satisfaction like that of finally being able to kill a persistent itch that has been bothering you for a long time. Your body NEEDED relief in that area they are hitting, and you have no doubts about it.

It could really go without saying almost that acupressure is the little sibling of acupuncture; acupuncture does the same thing but for obvious reasons has the capacity to treat your tissue way more deeply. Not all cases require full-blown acupuncture, and Chinese medicine in general is based on avoiding unnecessary intervention. That means they will not do acupuncture on you unless they deem it necessary. Generally they will start with massage and acupressure techniques to see if they can obtain the desired results that way.

So if you’re one of those half of all Americans that is experiencing some sort of chronic body pain or other, you owe it to yourself to break out of the box you may have been stuck in, and instead of pseudo-effective treatments such as prescription drugs and the like, try something that has less side effects, and provides a more long term solution.