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A Grand Dublin Stag Party- The Ins and Outs

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It’s not a secret after three people know it, goes a witty Irish wisecrack. It is common knowledge that Dublin will give you more than you asked for. A go-to place for most staggers, Dublin will impress even the harshest of critics.

Dublin a perfect place for stag party

The Irish will take it upon themselves to show you a good time. With your mate’s stag day around the corner, all you need to do is read further and you will come up to speed with all things required to make the stag party a runaway success.

Pub it like you mean it

The obvious reason for a Dublin stag do is the quintessential Irish pub experience. They don’t call Dublin the pub capital of Ireland for no reason. With the help of a local guide your pub crawl can turn into a major delight. Check the local watering holes and do it like the locals.

There’s more to an Irish pub than a pint of Guinness. Try matching the Dubliners drink for drink when you play Shot Potato, a popular drinking game of choice in Ireland.

If the free flowing beer will not do it for you the music certainly will. Traditional Irish music when done right will leave you mesmerised. Try holding yourself off from shaking a leg when the tunes start flowing. Your stag do will be off to a great start with a pub crawl done the Dublin way.

To the factories

You have tasted the beer and whisky now see how the magic is created. A tour to the Guinness factory should be a must on your Dublin stag do. Sample all that Guinness has to offer, including their iconic black lager.

Once you’ve done tasting, head to the in-house bar and put your new found Guinness knowledge to test, with the lads. Don’t forget to pick your souvenir from the gift shop before you get smashed from all that beer.  

If you’re more of a whisky person, a visit to the Jameson Distillery will be worth it. Taste some of the finest Irish whisky in all its glory. The tasting session will leave you with a refined sense for Irish whisky which can be easily flaunted in front of the boys. The distillery will also give you a certificate to prove your tasting prowess.

St. Paddy will show the way

Plan your stag do to coincide with St. Patrick’s Day and you will have the Irish doing all your party planning. Dressed like Leprechauns you and the lads will give yourself the giggles when you see the pictures later.

A pint in hand, party along with the locals and march in the parade with bands playing famous Irish tunes. The groom-to-be will get a proper stag send off when almost a million people join in the revelry.

Gone to the Dogs

Feeling lucky in Dublin? Let the luck of the Irish help you swell your beer kitty. Gallop along with the boys to the races. Hound racing is a brilliant option for your Dublin Stag do. The boys can get to lay wager on some fast hounds and see the action up close with a pint in hand.

The sleek and fast Greyhounds are sure to keep the group entertained for long hours. Once the dogs are back at the kennels you can get your party on the road with some proper pub hopping and lip smacking Irish grub.


Dublin is a city that knows how to party. You and the mates would wish they were single again for another epic stag do in the Irish capital. The memories made here are more than awesome. Just make sure to take lots of pictures because all that booze can make them hard to remember.