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9 Surprising Ways to Earn Extra Cash from Your Phone

9 Surprising Ways to Earn Extra Cash from Your Phone
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Smartphones today can do so much, and if you sometimes feel like you’re spending way too much time on yours, then you’re not alone. But the good news is that there’s no need to feel guilty about your screen time since there are tons of amazing things you can do using your phone to earn some extra money in your spare time. Whether you want some supplemental income, are saving up for something special, or just want some extra cash to spend on the things that you enjoy, you might be surprised to hear about the many great things you can do using just your smartphone to bring in some extra money without even getting up—interested in finding out more? Read on to learn about the different options to consider. 

Refer a Friend

If you’re currently with Lebara, you can take advantage of the Lebara refer a friend program to earn extra cash for everybody you successfully sign up. It’s a great way to earn money from home and earn extra cash online using just your smartphone. If you’re not currently with Lebara, it’s definitely worth considering since not only can you earn cash online with Lebara, but they have some great SIM-only plans on offer to help you make your money stretch further when it comes to your phone expenses. All of their plans are commitment-free, and you can change to a different one after thirty days if you like. They run on the award-winning Vodafone network, and all plans include international minutes to over forty countries. 

Sell Old Stuff

Have you got items in your home that are simply gathering dust because you haven’t used them in so long? Whether it’s clothes that you’ve stopped wearing, tech that you have upgraded, furniture that you’re replacing, or books that you have read, you’ll be surprised to find just how well pretty much anything can sell online. And selling from your phone has never been easier thanks to apps like eBay and Facebook Marketplace, where you can take a quick snap of whatever you are selling, write a short description, add a price, and list it for sale. If you’re due a declutter of your house, it’s a great way to make some extra money from it instead of taking it all to the tip. 

Take Mobile Surveys

If you like answering questions and having your say, then there are several apps that you can download where you can give your opinions on a wide range of different topics. Surveys are often used in crucial research for brands looking to find out more about what their target audience thinks of up-and-coming products and services or advertisements that they’re running or plan to run in the future. While mobile surveys don’t usually pay a huge amount, the amount that you can earn will soon add up over time if you take a couple of surveys a day when you have time to spare. Curious Cat is one app that’s worth downloading since it has an easy-to-use interface and pays surveys in points, with each point equal to 1p. You can cash out after earning just 100 points or £1 directly into your PayPal account. 

Get Cashback

Cashback for shopping
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Shopping from our phones has become easier than ever, but you could be missing out on an opportunity to save some money by earning cashback on your purchases. Whatever you are purchasing, it’s always worth checking out apps like Quidco and Topcashback to find out if there’s a chance for you to earn some money back just for buying something. While the cashback rates for regular purchases of items like clothing and food aren’t massive, you can get some really generous cashback rewards for signing up for essentials like car insurance, home insurance, savings accounts, broadband, home energy, and even getting a mortgage. 

Online Banking

Online banking apps give you an easy option to earn more money from your smartphone by opening a high-interest savings account. Apps like Moneybox have a range of saving accounts to choose from, including stocks and shares ISAs that will work for you to invest your savings and put you in with the chance of increasing them. In addition, online banking can help your money stretch further in many other ways, including features such as spending round-ups that you can easily set up in the app or creating pots to set aside money for budgeting each month. 

Earn Rewards

Apps like Swagbucks can be an ideal option for downloading to your smartphone, allowing you to get rewarded for some of the things you do daily using your phone. From watching videos and playing games to visiting websites and conducting online searches, there are several ways to earn rewards that you can eventually convert into cash in your PayPal account. Another great app you can use to earn rewards for watching music videos and looking at ads on your phone is Viggle. Both are available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. 

Play Games

While it’s not a foolproof way to make money from your phone, playing online casino games using the wide range of apps that are now available can put you in with a chance of getting some extra money. However, it’s always worth bearing in mind that you’re taking a risk with your money by doing this, so be sure to take advantage of any responsible gambling features that are available, like deposit limits, and only play with an amount of money that you are willing to lose. Not only can it be a fun pastime and a great way to unwind, but it’s also a fun way to earn some extra cash if you win. 

Get Student Discounts

If you are currently at college or university, you can use your smartphone to make your money stretch further when making a purchase. Apps like UNIDAYS allow you to sign up and verify your student status using your academic email. Once you’ve done this, you will get access to exclusive discounts just for students that you can use both online and in-store. They work with several top brands in various categories, including fashion, beauty, tech, travel, and more. All you need to do is copy the code provided into the promo code section when checking out or showing your digital student ID if you are shopping in-store. 

Sell Your Photos

Sell your photos
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If you have a smartphone with a great camera and love taking photos with it, you could make some money from this with an app called Foap. The app is created by a stock photo company that pays users for high-quality photos of just about anything taken with their smartphone. So, don’t just post those aesthetic photos of your lunch to Instagram; get Foap and make some money with them too! You can also participate in regular competitions if you want more of a challenge, with specific photos sought for. 

Your smartphone is useful for much more than simply scrolling through TikTok. If you want to make some extra cash in your spare time, you’ll be surprised at just how many options there are for doing this using your phone. 

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