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8 Proven Ways to Enjoy Success on Your Dating Profile!

8 Proven Ways to Enjoy Success on Your Dating Profile!
Image by Sammy-Williams from Pixabay

Have you tried online dating sites only to find yourself constantly ignored by the ladies? Chances are, your dating profile is ruining any chance of you securing a date. 

Let’s get right into how you can set your dating profile straight:

A good “very first photo”

It’s best to include a headshot (preferably showing your upper body, too) in your very first photo, as this is the first impression women have as they swipe through a sea of profiles. 

Avoid sunglasses and definitely group photos (unless you want her falling for your cute brother or suave boss). It’s best to go with a fun and relaxed photo that will give her a sense of the kind of person you are.

rest of the photos
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The rest of the photos

Now that your first photo has her hooked, she’s going to want to browse through the rest of your collection. Mix and match it up a little. Throw in a full-length body shot to avoid awkward surprises later. Add photos of you doing sport, dressed to kill at a formal event, letting your hair down at a nightclub, or even cooking up a storm in your kitchen. 

Have pets? Even better – most women find it adorable when men get along famously with their furry friends. In short, your dossier of photos should offer her a glimpse into your life, making her want to meet you.

Hiking with dog
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Don’t lie about your age or height

One cardinal mistake men commit putting up old profile photos to seem younger, fitter, and more flattering. This will backfire when she meets you in person as she’s likely to feel deceived and very disappointed. You run the risk of losing her trust, so stay true to yourself and remember that plenty of guys have enjoyed dating success because they knew how to approach women with confidence.

Negative comments

While you might have had some unsavory experiences in the past with certain kinds of women, it’s best to avoid writing snarky comments in your bio such as “Gold diggers keep away,” “No feminazis please,” and so on. 

No one wants to meet men who come off as bitter and resentful. Instead, focus on language that dwells on the positive traits you seek in a woman.

Blank, unfilled profiles

Empty profiles aren’t going to win you brownie points no matter how cute you think that profile photo looks. Remember that women on dating sites have to deal with a deluge of messages at any given time, and this can cause fatigue to set in. A blank or poorly filled dating profile only makes matters worse as it smacks of apathy, laziness, and a sense of entitlement.

Go easy on the adjectives!

“Fun-loving adventurous and family-oriented male who is generous, funny, loyal, always considerate. Looking for a cute, honest, and sweet girl.”

Do you see how utterly ridiculous this reads to a woman seeking a potential date? Such descriptions tell her nothing about what sets you apart from the other guys. Be more specific and tell her what exactly makes you “adventurous,” “family-oriented,” or “loyal.”

“I love unplanned adventures and often get on a bus to nowhere in particular. I challenge myself by talking to strangers in new cities and countries. Loyalty to me is having your back when things go wrong, kindness is sitting up all night tending to my sick grandpa or our aging family dog.”

Do you see the difference between the two descriptions? Which one do you reckon the ladies are going to fall for?

Don’t be shallow and picky 

Your bio shouldn’t read like a checklist of qualities you expect in a woman: 

“You should be a brunette, slim, and not a fatty, lol! You should enjoy travel, culture, spirituality, and love family. You should not smoke…blah blah blah..”

Trust me. You’ll end up turning off even the girl who checks every requirement in your list.

A bio should ideally describe the person you are. Although many dating sites let users specify the kind of partner they seek, try not to come across as superficial and finicky. 

Finally, grammar and formatting matter

Believe it or not, no amount of professionally shot photos are going to hold a quality woman’s attention if you write in run-on paragraphs, with careless typos and no punctuation. 

You’ll come across either as a man who doesn’t care or who never made it past middle school. Invest time in formatting, use italics, quotation marks, and commas. Write coherently and ask a friend to run through your dating profile.

Follow the above, and you’ll soon notice a marked difference in the kind of women you attract.

Featured Image by Sammy-Williams from Pixabay 

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