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8 Habits of a Well-Dressed Man

Well-Dressed Man

To be regarded as a well-dressed man, relentlessly following every single trend that comes along is not the right move. Instead, it’s better to rely on things that are tried and true. Then, if you want, put your spin on your style, such as through some well-placed accessories. Here are eight habits to follow if you want to be a well-dressed man.

1. A Healthy Reliance on the Classics

There’s something to be said for the classics. Even if that sounds boring and pedestrian to you, keep reading. Timeless pieces are those that are not trendy and will transition from season to season for years to come. They serve as good base pieces, and you shouldn’t be afraid to invest quite a bit of money into each piece. You will be able to wear the pieces over and over, so you will have no trouble getting a return on your investment.

2. A Well-Maintained Wardrobe

If you want to look stylish and be well-dressed, your wardrobe has to be well maintained. That means that you will likely need to dry clean some of your clothing. You will also need to hang and store your clothing in ways that don’t leave hanger marks or stretch out fabrics. You’ll also need to go through your wardrobe periodically to weed out items that are beginning to fade or that are developing pilled fabric. With this type of consistent effort, anything you pull out of the closet to wear should look pristine.

3. A Willingness to Accessorize

If you’re not comfortable with accessorizing, it’s time to start stepping outside of your comfort zone. No well-dressed man is complete without at least a few accessories. But those accessories have to be the right ones for you. You can play it safe with low-key accessories, or you can go for a more bold look. For example, you might be able to pull off a gold chain, such as the ones found at Gold Urban.

4. A Signature Scent

This could be one of the most difficult tasks to achieve, and it could take some trial and error to achieve. However, finding your signature scent is key to being a well-dressed man. Having the perfect scent to accompany your look can help you present yourself in the best possible way. One way to find out whether a scent works well for you is to visit a shop that sells men’s fragrances. Another way is to order sample vials and try them at home. If you’re planning to order in samples, it could pay off to do some research beforehand on the different types of scents that are available and which fragrance brands embody each type of scent, so you’ll have a better idea of brands to order.

5. Regular Grooming

A well-dressed man is the total package from head to toe. That means regular grooming is non-negotiable. It’s best to find a licensed barber who has a knack for cutting people’s hair in the most flattering way for their head shape and features. Otherwise, you might just get a standard haircut that does nothing for your overall look. Don’t forget about your eyebrows, and if you have facial hair, it needs to be attended to as well.

6. A Relationship With a Tailor

If you think about the well-dressed men that you know, they probably have one thing in common: They get their clothes tailored as needed. Rarely will find stylish clothing that fits right off the rack — especially if it’s a suit or dress pants. If you’ve never tried having your clothing tailored, try it. You’ll likely be surprised at how well your clothes can fit and how much more flattering they can be.

7. Knowing Your Body Type

Not every style and cut of clothing will work well on your body type, and it’s important to understand what works for you. For example, if you have larger thighs, you won’t want to try to squeeze into slim-fit pants. And if you have some extra pounds around your midsection, fitted shirts just won’t flatter you. Tailored clothing that’s cut to flatter your particular body type is the best choice to pull off a well-dressed look.

8. A Willingness to Go Off-Brand

If you’re a diehard fan of a certain brand, and you vowed to yourself and others that you’ll never wear anything else, stop now. There are plenty of stylish clothing lines that don’t have a prime designer label. And by denying yourself access to those types of clothing lines, you’re not helping your cause.

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