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7 Practical Ways To Grow Your YouTube Audience

Do you want to make it big on YouTube? Have you tried to get subscribers? Well! As you have already noted, this is not an easy task. Apparently, this is not something that happens overnight. It takes time, constituency, and patience. Getting viewers to your channel is not enough. Instead, aim at getting engaged subscribers who will watch, share and love your videos as you create more over time. What you need to do is apply some strategies that will draw people in and convince them that you have the right content for viewers to follow. In this article, we shall discuss SEVEN optimization tips to increase your video views and engagement.

1. Upload Videos Regularly and on a Schedule

If your audience expects a video every Monday, they will then look forward to it. A notification is sent to them when you upload it. This will help trigger new viewers. If you are starting, consider posting videos three or more times a week. However, bare in mind that it is a challenge getting people to view your videos on YouTube, but you can always buy subscribers. Therefore, simply buy YouTube subscribers because they will assist you in viewing and sharing your uploaded videos hence reaching your target audiences.

2. Create Videos Based on a Single Topic or Keyword

While it sounds obvious, this is a basic principle ignored by many. When planning, identify the keywords that you want to target. The reason for this is because; it allows you to plan your content in a better way. Search your concepts to see what kinds of records are ranked highly and what makes them stand out.

3. Optimize your Title and Description

Your title needs to be catchy in order to rank highly on YouTube. Keep it to 50 characters or less. A longer one will get cut off, thus decreasing the chances that it will get clicked on search. Treat the description like a summary blog post that you would write if you were to embed it on your site. Remember to add relevant tags to each of your videos.

4. Begin Each Video With an Interesting Hook

No one likes to waste their time watching a boring YouTube video. Thus, it is important to start your video in style in order to catch the attention of viewers. But how can you do this? Well, depending on the type of content you post on YouTube, you can start a video with a funny song, show the end product or solution of their problem in the introduction, ask rhetorical questions, and so forth. In this way, you can be able to hook viewers interests’ in the first five seconds of your video.

5. Promote Your Videos on Other Social Channels

One of the most beautiful things about social media is that you can cross-promote content on different sites. This is the easiest way to grow your onlookers. But what channels are you on? To begin with, Facebook is the best platform where you can post videos directly and attract many people who in turn would subscribe to your channel. Others include; Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

6. Show Up

If you are running the channel by yourself or as part of a small organization, it is beneficial to show your face on the screen. This will help people connect with you as an individual. This can be essential for bloggers, business coaches, and fitness instructors. Though not every video would need this, reach out personally to your audience after a few videos. Moreover, you can improve this by going live on YouTube to chat with your audience one on one.

7. Encourage Discussion and Engage With the Turnout In Comments

High engagement is always rewarded. This will include watching and overall time spent on a channel. Another consideration is the like and dislike ratio and most importantly the comments. Try to respond to every remark you get; either positive or negative. Be true to yourself and your brand in order to mold the community.

At the end of the day, there you have it! Share your goals with the world. People will jump on board to support you and help you accomplish them. Spread your reach with the least effort and have a fun time doing it.