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6 Tips for How to Handle a Gym Crush

6 Tips for How to Handle a Gym Crush
Image by Energie Fitness from Pixabay

You recently moved to a new city with the help of Black Tie Moving. Fortunately, there’s a gym right across the street from your place that you’ve been going to, and you’ve had your eye on someone there. Experiencing a crush is an exciting yet nerve-racking time, and we’ve all been there. That’s why we’re here to help you out by offering six tips for how to handle a gym crush.

Let’s get into it!

Make Sure They’re Single

First and foremost, before you make any moves with your gym crush, you want to make sure they’re available. You don’t want to be messy and get in the middle of a relationship. There are a few ways that you can figure out if your gym crush is single or not, but one of the best ways is to ask around.

Be Respectful

It’s crucial that you’re respectful to your gym crush. This means giving them their space. People are at the gym to work out, and for some people, the gym is a place they go to unwind and relax. As long as you’re respectful, they’re sure to appreciate this. It’s important that you don’t overstep your boundaries when it comes to navigating a gym crush.

Don’t Gawk

Perhaps one of the worst things that you can do is gawk and stare at your gym crush. This is one way to make them feel uncomfortable, so it’s best that you keep your wandering eye in check. Nobody wants to be stared at while they’re squatting or trying to hit a new PR on a bench press.

Open Up Polite Conversation

Don’t be afraid to shoot your shot with your gym crush. After you’ve determined they’re single, think about some ways you can open up a polite conversation with them. Your safest bet is to bring up a conversation topic that has to do with working out. You’ll want to keep it casual and appropriate for gym talk. We wouldn’t recommend asking your gym crush out the first time you strike up a conversation with them, but it’s a great place to start to help them get more comfortable and familiar with you.

Sincere Compliments

Everyone loves a compliment, but only if they’re well-placed and sincere. You can certainly offer up some compliments for your gym crush to show your interest, but you’ll want to keep it casual. Some compliments could be on their form or the weights they’re lifting. At the start of talking with your gym crush, you should keep compliments about their appearance out of the picture. In essence, keep the compliments short and sweet, and this doesn’t mean complimenting them, saying they’re short and sweet.

Pick Up on Nonverbal Cues

Sometimes there are people at the gym that just have no interest in talking with anyone. You can usually pick up on this by observing their nonverbal behavior. If your gym crush appears that they don’t want to be bothered, it’s probably because they don’t. Respect this and move on!

Featured Image by Energie Fitness from Pixabay