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5 Ways to Thank your Groomsmen

Weddings are stressful as a groom. Is she ready? You think. Are our families getting along? Is Uncle Jim behaving?

You stress because you want to fulfill your bride’s wedding fantasy. To help, you enlist the support of groomsmen – your Seal Team 6. They support the mission objectives – making sure families get along, bringing the wedding ring, and neutralizing threats of a naughty nephew or drunk Uncle.

Groomsmen earn your thanks. Not only do they provide tactical wedding support, they are your close friends who share your good and bad times. Plus they throw you a bucks party.

Yet you overlook their importance on your wedding day. Your focus is on your bride. But by taking a moment and presenting your groomsmen with thoughtful gifts, you show that you care about them – on a day they’re busy caring about you.

Now, hold up, let’s not get too emotional!

We’ve put together the best 5 ways to thank your groomsmen – without having to tell them.

  1. The bro basket.

When we think of gift baskets we think of bottles of jam, chocolates and a bottle of wine. Not anymore. Gift baskets have been reinvented for groomsmen – the bro basket.

Stock it with useful gifts; flasks, money-clips, cigars and cufflinks. Then add in fun gifts like knitted beard beanie and beer brewing kit. Yellow Octopus is a great place to find killer gifts for men to fill your bro basket.


  1. Scotch

Scotch is a cliche groomsman gift for a reason. Nothing says ‘I love you,’ more than a bottle of scotch. Incidentally, nothing makes you more likely to say ‘I love you,’ than drinking a bottle of scotch.

A bottle of scotch is the alcohol of choice. It’s manly, prestigious, and easier than lugging around cases of imported beer.

Buy an extra bottle and raise a toast to your groomsmen. You can calm your wedding nerves together.

  1. Personalized present.

Despite how similar they look in matching suits, your groomsmen aren’t the same. They’re different – so thank them differently.

If they like to golf – buy them a putter, if they like to read – buy them a book, and if they like expensive art – well, buy something less extravagant. They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness of tailoring their gifts.

  1. Experience.

Skydiving, a footy match and go-karting are fun experiences to share with your groomsmen. You can follow one up with a fine wine or cold beer. It shows them that you’ll still have plenty of time for the boys after getting married.

Alternatively, take them on a boys weekend. Who said the honeymoon was the only trip to follow a wedding?


  1. Treat them on your wedding day.

Book them accommodation on your wedding night. Instead of them having to scramble for a ride home at 2am, they can head back to a hotel room close to your wedding venue.

Also, you’ll be spending money to hire a suit already. So why not combine that money and the money you’d spend on a thank-you present? Instead of hiring your groomsmen a suit for one day – offer to buy it for them as a thank-you.

There are many ways to thank your groomsmen, and you don’t have to choose only one. You can combine any of these 5 ways to thank your groomsmen.

There’s one more way you should thank them at your wedding. If they’re single – introduce them to a single bridesmaid or guest. You’ll soon be receiving a groomsman gift from them.

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