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5 Ways To Surprise Your Bride And Win Brownie Points

When your about to get married their are so many things to consider making your day special.  But don’t forget to give your new bride some extra love: we have 5 ways to surprise your bride.

The Hidden Love Letter

Yeah I know, sharing our feelings with the ladies can be tough, and writing a letter, especially when it’s called a ‘Love Letter’ might not be up your alley. How about this, instead of looking at it as a love letter, just write a small little note, let her know you’re looking forward to seeing her at your wedding ceremony, tell her you can’t wait to be her husband or draw her a funny little picture. Give the note to one of her girlfriends and ask them to hide it with her stuff so she finds it when she’s getting ready. This is one move that will definitely make her swoon!


Every Girl Loves a Photo Booth

As the name would suggest, every girl does love a photo booth, and what better way to impress her than to hire a photo booth for your wedding on the down-low. The perfect form of wedding entertainment a quality photo booth will have your new Mrs and her friends posing the night away having a whale of a time. Just keep in mind that there are a lot of low-quality photo booths out there, have a look at this one from Booth Boy to get an idea of what you should be looking for.

If you’re handy consider taking your Adept photo booths surprise to the next level by building your own wall to use as a backdrop. The great part about this is that you can customize it to suit your bride’s style and personality, she’ll think you’re even more amazing than you are and these will be the Surprise Your Bride will never forget!

Serenade Her

It may take some guts to break out in song, but remember this, you would have to be a seriously terrible singer for it to go down as anything other than adorable, and I’m talking worse than Britney Spears without autotune. Here’s what to do, find a piece of music without vocals and write a short and sweet song about her. Partway through your wedding ceremony or reception interrupt it with your little ‘performance’. It really doesn’t have to be fancy, it’s the gesture that counts and there’s one thing for sure, it will be forever embedded in her memory of your wedding day. If you want to step things up to the next level get a friend who can play an instrument to help you out or do it yourself if you’re a talented kinda guy.

Proposal Playback

One increasingly common trend is to have your proposal recorded or photographed without your bride knowing, this provides the perfect opportunity to take it one step further and wow her with emotion. Have your proposal recorded on the sly and play the footage to her and the guests at your wedding reception. She’ll be overwhelmed with emotion. For those who really want to embrace the latest in tech you can record your proposal with a ring cam, yes, it is a camera in a ring box!

Dance Lessons

Surprise Your Bride with moves like Jagger! In the months leading up to your wedding sign up for some dance lessons. during the first dance, you can woo your new bride and lead her with confidence and style. Women love a guy who can dance and you can bet she won’t be expecting your smooth moves.

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