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5 Ways to Slay with Your Groomsmen Gifts

Your friends who have agreed to be your support team at your wedding and serve as your groomsmen deserve a lot of credit. They love you so much that they have agreed to pay for a tuxedo and shoe rental, schedule time to attend tuxedo fittings, attend rehearsal dinners and the list goes on. When you consider what seems like an elemental fact that for many men, the idea of going to a wedding, let alone being in one, is right up there with getting a root canal, then you can understand why getting your groomsmen something cool as a gift is a right thing to do. But what do you give that is not cheesy and at the same time is not so over the top, or original, that they are not likely to use it?

Here are five suggestions when you want to impress your groomsmen with stylish yet sensible gifts.


Undeniably, men and beer seem to go together like a hand in a glove. Many men can even mark significant times of their life by the different kinds of beer they chose on each key occasion. Beer is so commonly thought of as a “manly” drink, in fact, that approximately 50 percent of women said that they feel beer still has the perception of being a “man’s drink,” according to a 2015 survey from AB Bev (Anheuser-Busch and InBev merger). Needless to say, it will always make a perfect gift for guys. However, you want to think about doing something extra. For instance, consider buying beer-of-the-month subscriptions for your entourage. To go even a step further, since craft beer is really popular now, craft-beer-of-the-month subscriptions would also make great gifts.

Personalized Gifts                                                                                       

With personalized groomsmen gifts, personalized koozies, for example (koozies are those “beer jackets” or insulated sleeves for holding cold beverages), you can really make your groomsmen feel special. Any gift would be valued, but gifts that have been customized so that they have special meaning to the giftee really evoke a special feeling of excitement. Beyond koozies, you can gift your guys with personalized golf balls or, if you have a bigger budget, personalized golf clubs. Other suggestions are a monogrammed whiskey decanter with matching monogrammed glasses or a monogrammed set of whiskey glasses from Groomsmen Gifts Mart.


Coffee like beer is essentially a staple that none of your groomsmen are likely to be mad at you for receiving. The way to stand out here is to buy special kinds of coffee that the guys have never had before. For example, try gifting the gents with packages of bourbon-infused coffee. Ask baristas for suggestions on the best exotic blends. If you do not want to get too fancy, then buy basic coffee subscriptions to more familiar coffee establishments like Starbucks and Peet’s Coffee. If you live in a town without these places, then see if whatever local café you have in town offers special subscriptions.


A man has to tell time, right? For that reason, a watch with some kind of uniqueness would be a great addition to a groomsman’s jewelry collection. Look for handsome styles that are anything but run of the mill, such as watches made out of maple wood. If any of the fellas are techies or self-described nerds, then they might love getting an Equation Geek watch, which has mathematical notations in place of the regular numbers. The idea is to find portable timepieces that can also be great conversation starters.

Bow Tie

Bow ties can be real attention-getters. Rather than having your groomsmen rent the bow tie along with their tuxedo, buy them bow ties yourself. Then at the end of the wedding, surprise them by having them keep the bow tie as a gift. Another route to go is to have them rent their bow tie as usual but also buy a separate bow tie in original material as a gift. For example, a bow tie made out of wood might be a creative surprise for many. You can find a wide range of wooden bow ties online at places like Etsy and even Amazon.com.

Just as you do not want there to be anything ordinary about your wedding ceremony, get creative about your groomsmen gift ideas. Think out of the box and entertain ideas like buying familiar items such as coffee and watches as gifts with “twists.” Giving the unexpected is sure to secure your place among the men with baller status.