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5 Great Tips on Using Led Lighting Indoor

5 Great Tips on Using Led Lighting Indoor
Photo by Callum Hill on Unsplash

LED lighting has had a massive influence on interior design. Due to its great energy-saving qualities, it has popularised decorative lighting at home. LEDs are durable, easy to install and lower electricity bills. Their flexibility makes them perfect to light up difficult places, like corners, wall alcoves, or the backside of the furniture. LED lighting makes it look like the pages of a home interior catalog. How to use LED channels in your home? Read more to find inspiration.

LED Lights Accessories 

There are two main ways of using LED lighting: with or without any accessories. LED strips alone can light irregular spaces, like round cabinets or decorative letters. They don’t require any additional elements, which can limit their flexibility.

However, they are very bright, which may be uncomfortable to the eye. That’s why sometimes it’s better to combine them with aluminum channels and diffusers. An LED channel is a piece of aluminum that provides the structure for the LED strip. A diffuser is a top, semi-transparent part that functions as a lampshade. It prevents the eye from looking directly at the lighting source. LED aluminum profiles seem better wherever the LED strip is exposed, like on ceilings, walls, or kitchen cabinets.

How to Creatively Use LED Lighting?

Luckily, there are many surprising ways of using LEDs. It’s easy to customize your interior, adding a little bit of light here and there.

What’s on Your Shelves?

If you happen to have a collection of meaningful objects, for example, books, ceramic figures, CDs, make-up, electronic or fashion equipment, you can light up the shelves. LED profiles can go on the shelves or light the objects up from the inside. It’s probably the easiest way to highlight what’s unique to you with a warm glow.

See What’s Inside Your Wardrobe

Placing LED strips inside a bespoke wardrobe can be life-saving. LEDs are fantastic at providing extra, focused light when it’s needed. They are also easy to control and can be automated to turn on automatically when you open the wardrobe. How convenient!

Highlight a Wine Cellar

It has never been easier to create a surprise element. A wine cellar is a good example. It’s associated with a dark, hidden room or cupboard. However, it doesn’t have to be. If it’s the pride of your home, bring it to light or any other, hidden in the corner feature that you find beautiful.

Have Your Own Theatre Mirror

Theatre mirrors are the places when actors and actresses transform into a new role, get make-up, costumes, and self-confidence. If dressing up is an important part of your routine, you can bring it to a new level with LED channels.

Go Creative With Light Patterns

The flexibility of LED strips makes it possible to create multiple patterns out of them: words, letters, shapes, or symbols. They can be a part of your pictures board or to-do planning. It will give your room a lively, vibrant vibe.

Which idea suits you best? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Photo by Callum Hill on Unsplash